An incomplete timeline of events in Pegasus Valley. Please comment with any further information you have to add.


  • June 2 • Exedor and Sai Eichie meet to discuss starting an Amtgard chapter.
  • August 16 • Baronial certificate mailed to Pegasus Valley from Burning Lands.


  • June • Sai Eichie becomes Monarch and Comar becomes Regent.
  • December • Albrek becomes Monarch and ElSpeth becomes Regent.


  • June • Crosser becomes Monarch and Tristan becomes Regent.
  • December • Crosser continues as Monarch, Isoud becomes Regent, and Skis is the new Champion.


  • June • Comar becomes Monarch, ElSpeth becomes Regent, and Roland is Champion.
  • December • Valentine becomes Monarch, Ulva becomes Regent, and Comar is Champion.


  • June • Tristan becomes Monarch, Maggie becomes Regent, and Comar becomes Champion.
  • December • Isoud becomes Monarch, Valdemar tabledances as Regent, and Shadow becomes Champion.


  • June • Sai Eichie becomes Monarch, Lila becomes Regent, and Roland becomes Champion.
  • December • Cutari becomes Monarch and Panther becomes Regent.


  • July 24 • At Gathering of the Clans XVIII, Glenalth becomes Duke of Pegasus Valley and Master Nagateth becomes Regent.
  • September 3-6 • Harvest War IV, the Iron Mountains wins in a battle in the forest near Paliza.
  • October • Caravan battle takes place, pirates lock chest in their "ship" as well as their keys. All of the monsters involved are destroyed by PV forces.
  • November 27 • Crown Qualifications are held. Roland dominates fighting. New guildmasters are elected.
  • December 11 • Glenalth becomes Duke again, Cutari Regent, and Cat Champion. Coronation feast tastes good! That's right, it tasted good. Meat, cheese, bread, fruit, and a few pegasus emblazoned cookies were floating around too. At court awards were given out, Glenalth and Nagateth were both assassinated during the transition, and new officers and guildmasters stepped up.


  • January 1 • The world didn't end and people show up to the park to play.
  • February 2 • Board of Directors meeting held. The minutes of the meeting are available for online viewing.
  • March 4• Weaponmaster tournament was held, Roland wins.
  • March 11• Midreign goes well, two assassination attempts this time, both thwarted by chain mail.
  • March 18 • Goethar elected chancellor.
  • March 31 • Battle of the Nexus in Dragonspine, the evil villain escapes unnoticed while everyone is busy cutting up goblins and bashing beholders.
  • July 2 • Siavn becomes Duke, Isoud Regent, and Nitewind Champion.


  • January • We switch parks again, back to Taylor park for more visibility, more people start showing up again.
  • February 10 • Fifteen people at the park and everyone seems to be having fun.
  • May 19 • Outnumbered by visitors from Dragonspine we started our crown qualifications cultural events. It rained. Everyone went to Glenalth's for a meeting and then to Il Vicinos for pizza.
  • May 26 • Crown qualifications were finished up with only 5 people in the tournament.
  • June 2 • Elections were held...
  • June 9 • New officers again, Glenalth Duke, Isoud Regent, and Whitlock Champion. The new duke was dead. Odd things were happening.
  • July 19-22 • Clan was fun. More killinatin' than normal.
  • August • Harvest War had a very low turnout. Iron Mountains got stomped into the ground by Pegasus Valley and the Saracens.


  • February 16 • Crown Qualifications are held.
  • March 2 • New officers elected and put into office. Cassandrah is Duke, Alexar is Regent, Checkers is Champion, Jack is Pro-tem Chancellor. Skywalker becomes Marshall.
  • May • Kyrie has been appointed as PVs scribe.
  • May 4 •
    Sadly, our peaceful Duchy was attacked by savage, green-smeared Goblins, but the populace was able to band together and fend these loathsome creatures off. Since the Goblins vowed bloody retribution as they were sent to meet their Maker, Pegasus Valley must now refocus upon it's defense in hopes of repelling any further attacks by these foul creatures.
    - Kyrie
  • May 11 • No champs and champs tourneys are held, Phaze won the no champs tournament and Shadow won the champs tournament.
  • May 25 •
    Today at Pegasus Valley, we had 20 people signin. About 5 or 6 of these were newbies from our Highland Games demo. The PV populace engaged in trenching and one "fight til you're shattered" battlegame.
    - Kyrie
  • June 1 •
    The Duchy of Pegasus Valley enjoyed an attendance of 40-45 people today. The Midreign festivities of Duke Cassandrah Satryr and Regent Alessecar Filindel featured trenching and a sumptuous feast overseen by our Regent and featuring
    dishes from various Duchy residents, including Alexar, Cassandrah, Teliel, Kyrie, Maggie and many others whose names this Scribe did not catch. During the court, our spies reported a large party of Goblins, an Uruk-hai half-breed, and one huge Troll
    approaching our fair Duchy. Please excuse me, I must go prepare for war. :pant....pant...pant: I am happy to report that the Duchy forces routed those filthy, foul, and smelly invaders.
    - Kyrie Eleison
  • June 8 • Rakis, oh yes, Rakis. Go to Rakis.
  • June 15 •
    Attendance is on the upswing. We had 35 people sign in last Saturday and at least another 5 that did not sign in. Please help out our PM, Glenalth, and make sure you sign in every week. Even if you do not know which class you will play when you sign in- that's ok, you can add that later. The Duchy just really needs accurate records.
    - Kyrie
  • June 22 •
    PV enjoyed an attendance of 18 people last weekend, but about 4 people did not sign in. After and between the usual trenching, a battle game was held which restricted everyone to playing 1st level in a class that they had never played before. If you had already played every class you could, a class was randomly selected for you.
    - Kyrie
  • June 29 •
    26 people signed in this week at the Duchy of Pegasus Valley. Activities included the usual mutual annihilation battlegame, a capture the flag battlegame, and ditching.
    - Kyrie
  • July 6 • Weaponmaster tournament was held today, Chekers edged out Skywalker for the win.
  • July 20 •
    30 people attended the Duchy of Pegasus Valley today. After the PVBOD meeting; we trenched, enjoyed another of Glenalth's exciting Amtrisk segments in Quest format- Skywaker successfully defended his holdings against a fierce hydra and it's multi-headed spawn- and had yet another mutual annihilation battle game.
    - Kyrie
  • August 3 •
    Pegasus Valley saw 25 people in attendance today and several absolute newbies. Today's activities included the usually trenching, a castle battle, and a mutual annihilation battle game.
    - Kyrie
  • August 10 •
    Today, 27 people chose to attend the Duchy of Pegasus Valley. We engaged in the omnipresent trenching, as well as a "Kill the Elf" battle followed by announcements and a Shatter battle.
    - Kyrie
  • August 17 •
    Today, 46 people attended Pegasus Valley's Crown Qualifications. Trenching raged in between tourney rounds and many artisans chose to enter their work in the A & S competition. After the tourneys were over, the Games competition was held and many chose to display their grasp of mental strategy at Chess and Checkers. Finally the Bardic was held and after the competitors had finished, a few of the judges
    chose to entertain the crowd.
    - Kyrie
  • August 30 • Harvest of Souls War VII
  • September 7 •
    Today, 36 Amtgardians chose to come out to Pegasus Valley. We trenched and had two battle games. The first was the usual mutual annihilation battle, but the second was another mutual annihilation battle with a twist- shatter the opposing team's captain and healer and you won.
    - Kyrie
  • September 14 • 45 people today. Lots of people that we haven't seen for a while.
  • September • Harvest War, Iron Mountains wins. Plans are made for next year to crush Texas instead.
  • October 12 •
    37 People chose to attend Pegasus Valley this last Saturday. Cassandra recruited an army for her Amt-Risk turn which is scheduled for noon next week. She promised snacks and sodas for the member of her army. Playtesting of 6.1 will begin next week. Glenalth will supply a copy of the 6.1 rules to each dues paid member of the Duchy. No spell modifications will be allowed during playtesting. After the announcements, the day was spent trenching, playing Kill Your Killer, and participating in two battlegames. The first battlegame was mutual annihilation and the second, Alexar's Amt-Risk turn, featured three teams: Alexar's team, the monster team, and a neutral team composed solely of Assassins and several Bards that were mimicking Assassins.
    - Kyrie
  • October 19 •
    I was not able to attend the park today as I had some personal business to attend to, but my sources indicate that 43 people choose to attend Pegasus Valley this past weekend. Cassandrah and Phaze had Amtrisk battles this past Saturday, there was a Circle of Steel meeting, and a healthy dose of trenching.
    - Kyrie
  • November 23 • Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster are held. Trent wins Weaponmaster, Cassandrah wins Dragonmaster, Scotia wins the combined events.
  • November 30 30 • Demoral was selected to fill in for our Champion Fitz, who has moved away.


  • March 24 • Kel is the new Duchess of Pegasus Valley, Shadow Regent, Scotia champion, and Chekers Chancellor.
  • August 28-31 • Harvest War VIII - Texas gave up. The total score from the first 2 of the 3 games was around 1200 pts for IM&DS - 200 pts for Texas.






  • December 19 • Glenalth is digging through the archives looking for any odd records he can to post on the site.


  • The future! Spooky.
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