Event in Portales

The Shire of Darkwater Hollow in Portales is hosting an event April 22-24th.

Jynx has posted more information and a request for RSVPs at

RGV CeltFest 2010

I am coordinating the 2010 RGV CeltFest Children's Activities Tent and Children's Parade. I would like to get in touch with whoever organizes AMTGARD events; We love you; your "Fight A Knight" activity from past festivals is PERFECT located near our "Castle Cardboard", and I would like to include AMTGARD in our planning, preparations, signs and promotions. I would also like to invite your group to participate in the "Children's Parade", held mid-afternoon each day of the festival. The parade has a special section of marchers representing the "Celtic Imagination" (Story Land?)- THAT PART SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN, THAT IS... and a "Royal Procession" by AMTGARD would be just the thing! The 2010 Celtic Festival will be May 15 & 16 at Balloon Fiesta Park. Thanks!


Carpool for events

I want to get folks to events this year and I have use of a "big-ass" van to help. It is a 12 passenger van for a group that packs light and a 9 passenger van when you need to pack heavy. There is a roof rack for gear with canvas bag to keep small items from blowing around and a trailer hitch if we need to tow something, through gas costs might go up a bit in that case.

If there is interest in doing such things I'll start taking reservations soon :)

Estimated gas costs per person...

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