Tonights Project: Clamshell Gauntlets

Decided tonight that I wanted gauntlets, so here's my test piece...

Still need to do strapping and final thumb placement.

Leather Lion

Leather Lion

A lion design adapted from a pair of earrings I saw in a magazine. This is just a random panel and is not attached to anything :(

Trying to look at my older work to remember what my problem areas are so I can do better on my next project.

Pen on leather

Pen on leather

Just a weird piece of art I did years ago.

Random knot on leather

Random knot on leather

An old bit of scrap leather from my project bin. Probably did this 10 years ago.

I'm finding that scanning my work is helping me locate my problem areas.

Leather Bracers

Leather Bracers

Sorry for the tiny little image. I made these for someone and then they were stolen, so I suppose someone liked them.

They're just tiny 1/2 length bracers to make a shirt look nice :)

Sword Frogs

Made a couple sword frogs today and made some patterns for other things.

Still need to add a bit of dye to the edges. Thinking that they'll be about $4 each for the plain versions like these. Going to do a fancy one next.


New belt pouch, same as the old pouch.

Just finished a new belt pouch. Used the old one for a pattern so it looks remarkably similar but without 15+ years of use worn into it. The only real difference is that this one has an actual strap attached to the back for hanging on a belt instead of slots cut directly into the pouch.

Hooray for webcams.

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