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Making Belt Favors

The next Arts & Sciences meetings will be held at my house, 9109 Las Camas NE, Albuquerque.

I would like to have everyone who knows how to cut fabric or sew or hang out and give encouragement to the seamsters and cutters to attend the Pegasus Valley Belt Favor Arts & Sciences Meeting(s). I would like to have us meet at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 to construct favors for all those in our lands who are bereft of them. If you'd like to make yourself one with a special flair, come do it with us! I am also willing, during that same week, to open my house to a second meeting for those who are unavailable on Wednesdays: I want everyone involved! Let me know if you'd like to join us on an alternate day and I'll schedule a second gathering.

By the way, I want to thank those who attended the last meeting on Applique. It seemed to go well, and even Trey learned how to make his own iron-on logo (A gold brick on a green field, BTW).

BANNER MAKING CONTEST: Yes, there will be one. Our Fashion Police, Master Lor, will be in charge and the likely date will be the week of Midreign (December 6). Aditional announcement to be posted soon. There will be a banner-making A&S in October or November to get you all good n ready for it.

As always, call or email me with questions. I am faster to respond to a call...

Bread Log

Tried making more breads. Turns out that juice seems to work just fine in the previous recipe I mentioned.

Black raspberry juice was good even though the juice was quite old had fermented a bit.

Used red creme soda and some of the new "undercover" Sierra Mist and they both turned out ok. Can't really taste the flavor of either of them, though the dye in the red creme soda made the dough look like bubble gum.

Have some grape juice to try out next, I have the feeling that it will be very similar to the grape soda bread. There is also a random bottle of beer that I will try at some point.

Now I have to get my rules change/clarification stuff done so there can be at least a little discussion on them.

Tiwaz's Funnoodle Sword

So there are a lot of new faces at the park and a lot of them are asking how to build things. Todays lesson is your basic (cheap) version of how to build a boffer. It will probably not last more than a few months of use but it's by far the quickest way to build a sword.

I prefer to build up my pommel then move towards sword construction as this tells me exactly how long my blade can be and still be within the limits of whatever size I'm going for. I prefer small pommels that end just past the base of my core as this gives me better reach with the weapon. I typically build my pommel onto an uncut core, then cut the core to length based on what I plan on making (short, long, etc) in general you'll have roughly 2-4 inches of foam in total on the ends of your blade so cut your core 2-4 inches shorter than the max length allowed for the weapon you're building (32-34 inches for short swords for example).

What you'll need:
1 core of your choice (bamboo, kitespar, golf club, I do not recommend pvc)
Green camp foam (Jones surplus typically has this for 10 dollars a roll)

Tiwaz's Pommels

Tiwaz's Pommel building

A brief history on how I fight...typically on any given week I'll fight for at least 6 hours (last week it was closer to 10-12 hours including fighter practice that ran until 10:30pm) The last time (prior to last night) that I built a pommel was probably about 2-3 years ago (I've have to rebuild swords but never had to rebuild a pommel). I tend to hold my swords on the pommel so I needed a pommel that would hold up to the constant stress, I do not like pommels that wiggle on me when I swing.

You will need:
1 Core of your choosing (I use golf clubs because they're $2)
Military Camp foam
Something to cut with (I use a razor for most cuts and a steak knife for shaving)

Tiwaz's A&S stuff

So Glenalth said we should post blog entries about the work we're currently doing...I have a few projects I'm working on at the moment.

I'll get guides up on how to build things as I have time.

Current projects in various stages of completion:

Greaves - cuir bouilli 1/4 inch thick leather with rapid rivet 12mm domed studs.

New belt pouch, same as the old pouch.

Just finished a new belt pouch. Used the old one for a pattern so it looks remarkably similar but without 15+ years of use worn into it. The only real difference is that this one has an actual strap attached to the back for hanging on a belt instead of slots cut directly into the pouch.

Hooray for webcams.

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