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I've installed some new anti-spam measures. If you're having issues send me an e-mail.

Website stuffs

Some things.

  • Image uploads/processing are fixed now.
  • I need officer list for updating permissions and a editing a couple
    pages on the website.
  • Reign schedule has been blank for a while now. Any logged in user
    can add entries, though knowing a little bit about HTML can help make
    them pretty.
  • Who is doing Harvest War this year so I can give them ownership of
    the HW pages?
  • Any requests for more functionality or ideas for areas that need work?

- Glenalth

Image uploads fixed

Image uploads should be working again, or rather the fancy server-side stuff that happens to the images. Was why some of the avatars were huge and why previews/thumbnails for freshly uploaded images weren't showing.

Crown Qualls Videos up

Progress so far

Ok, I've got the basics for the input stuff done. I suggest that people try adding a few symbols/crests (but don't go crazy adding everything just yet.)

To add something:
Quick way: Log in to the site and go here.

Normal way: Log in to the site and then click the "My Content" link under your user name.
From there you can view everything you have added to the site already.
At the top of that page there is a drop-down menu, select Heraldry and click the "Add new item" button.

Next step is to build reports for viewing these things. A basic gallery list is up and running at /heraldry.

The Plan

OK, here's a basic plan.

Amtgard Herald's Guild, College of Heralds, or whatever it gets called.
1. Catalog all personal, group, and chapter symbols and heraldry.
1a. Some form of registration and checking to make sure crests/arms/symbols are not duplicated between people.
2. Heraldry thumbnail is added to each players ORK entry using Kingdom Herald access.
3. Complete searchable archive of every symbol. Tags for the blazon and various elements to make it easy to find arms that are similar or have the same basic theme.

1. Web server for storing heraldry. (Got this covered)
2. Script for uploading and maintaining database of images. (I've got an idea for this)
3. Fancy form that will output a certificate with registered heraldry on it.
4. Team to keep things updated. (Preferably a herald from each kingdom.)

For the Future:
1. Links from ORK heraldry image to heraldry website for close up of heraldry and blazons. (Supply Rewth with enough scotch to get this done)
2. Ninjas killing all who oppose this.

Anyone interested?

Sleepy, but nearly done...

Fancy new images on the Harvest War site now. Still some more headings to decorate and such, but that's it for tonight.

Now I have to get some sleep so I can drive in to town tomorrow and do some grocery shopping so I can spend the day after that baking breads.


Just updated a lot of the code for the site. Let me know if anything is not functioning properly.

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