To-do list

In Progress List

Trying to keep this up to date with what projects I need to pay attention to so I don't get distracted with something else.

  • Military Coat MK I - Test piece. body is pinned, need to add trim and final stitching
  • Military coat MK II - Rough sketches, bought fabric
  • Wheel Tunic 1 - Not started, bought fabric
  • Wheel Tunic 2 - Not started, given fabric, still need black
  • Leg harness - Leather cut, need to draw out tooling pattern
  • Stonehaven - Need to finish character building and fill it out
  • Stonehaven artwork - Concept sketched out, damn close to what I want the final to look like
  • Book - Materials gathered, need to pick up some glue
  • Ridiculous Chain - Need to find some more wire
  • Belt thingy - Have leather, dye, and ring, need to draw tooling pattern again

Still a lot that I'm missing, but this is a good start.

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