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Minutes for various Pegasus Valley business meetings and event planning.

Althing Minutes 3/21/2009

Our monarch, Lila von Weiss held an althing on March 21st, 2009.

  1. Alibi Article
    A mention of the Alibi online article was mentioned. It contained several videos and a couple quotes from local park members.
  2. Diplomacy
    Some disparaging remarks were made about other groups in the Alibi article. These sorts of things should not be happening, especially to reporters.
  3. Highland Games
    May 16-17, We have been invited to participate again. We need to come up with a list of activities and fundraisers for this year. In the past we have sold daggers and short swords but will need a group to make more for this year. The archery backdrop and frame need to be replaced due to wind damage at the last Highland Games. Shayleigh has a plan for making a new frame but would like ideas for the new removable backdrop.
  4. Battle of Savages
    Savage Highlands in Ruidoso is holding a camping event in 2 weeks. Glenalth needs passengers for a van trip there. Cost for the event is $5 for feast, camping is free. Gas will likely be $10-12 if there are enough people going.
  5. Weapons Check
    The 1st Saturday of each month will be a weapons check.
  6. Althings
    The 2nd Saturday of each month there will be an Althing at 2:00.
  7. Work Weekends
    Work weekends need to be scheduled for work on the Harvest War site. Please contact Glenalth if you are interested in helping.
  8. Olympiad
    Olypiad is at Harvest War this year.
  9. Role Play Tournament
    Lurker wants to hold an RP tournament in late April.
  10. DS Camping Event
    Dragonspine's upcoming coronation event will be a camping event.
  11. Audit Results
    We have received a second "excellent" rating on our group audit.
  12. Page
    Blaze was asked to be Lila's page and accepted a belt from her.
  13. Recruiting Video
    There is a recruiting video that was posted in the forums on the website. Anyone that is interested in recruiting or running demos should watch it.

Althing Minutes

Minutes for Pegasus Valley althing meetings.

2009 Board of Directors

On 2/21/2009, the second Board of Director's meeting was held. These are not the official meeting minutes; those will be released by our new Secretary after they are approved next month. However, it seemed fair for the populace to know their new Officers of the PVBoD.

President - Cassandrah
Vice President - Silk
Secretary - Lila
Treasurer - Mossy

Shayleigh currently is a member as the Prime Minister

Belladonna and Orgy can either share the Liaison position or fight over it.

The next BoD meeting will be on the 21st of March, 2009. An agenda will be posted on the new email list Glenalth started on behalf of the Board. It's open to everyone to listen, btw.


Winter 2009 Election Results

Baroness Lila von Weiss as Monarch
Confidence 14, no 0

Beladonna Nightshade Scarpaw as Regent
Beladonna Nightshade Scarpaw 11, Contessa Cassandrah Catrina Scarpaw 3

Lord Marcil Firestalker Woodsman as Heir Apparent
Confidence 9, no 3, abstain 2

The Champion's Tournament between Orgasmatron the Climaxilis and Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson will be postponed to next weekend (2/28) due to sickness.

Guildmasters for the next reign...

Anti-Paladin: Pending
Archer: Grellen
Assassin: Pending
Barbarian: Lurker the Pie-us
Bard: Lurker the Pie-us
Druid: Baron Kategar
Healer: Baron Kategar
Monk: Pending
Monster: Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson
Paladin: Pending
Peasant: Lord Lorithavon
Reeve: Lord F'lar Starfire
Scout: Lord Marcil Firestalker Woodsman
Warrior: Baron Seamus "Skywalker"
Wizard: Pending

Call for newsletter entries

Dear people in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley,
I would like to announce that there will be a newsletter in two weeks, the 28th of February. I would like submissions for the newsletter. If you are currently holding an office, running for office, have plans for the next reign, or just want to have your voice heard, then send me a written statement that you would like distributed in the group newsletter before Friday the 27th of February. You can reach me at kanisbellenoff@yahoo(Dot: .)com, shiro_dog@hotmail(Dot: .)com, daxwoodsman@gmail(Dot: .)com, or pretty much at the park this Saturday, the 21st. Thanks.

Your Scribe,
Lord Marcil F. Woodsman

"Attention all, the tournament for the golden arrow shall now begin"

Crown Quals Results Spring 2009

The results of the crown qualifications tournament held on February 7th, 2009 follow.

Crown Qualifications Overall Scoring

Name Total War Cultural Test Gaming
Tiwaz 42.5 33 5.5 4 -
Lor 40.5 35.5 5 - -
Orgy 31 27 3 1 -
Marcil 30 20 6 4 -
Lurker 28.5 10.5 7 11 -
Alucard 22.5 - 15.5 - 7
Lila 19 0.5 12 2 4.5
Beladonna 13.5 - 12.5 1 -
Cassandrah 13.5 2.5 7.5 2 1.5
Autumn 12.5 12.5 - - -
Nacoochie 6 0.5 5.5 - -
Toad 6 6 - - -
Kouros 5 5 - - -
Kai'Rael 3 3 - - -
Styxx 3 3 - - -
Kit 2.5 2.5 - - -
Grellen 2 2 - - -
Ofkey 1.5 1.5 - - -
Trey 0.5 n/a 0.5 - -

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