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Weaponmaster Results

Results are as follows:

Single Short

1. Marcil
2. Alucard
3. Lurker
4. F'lar

Double Short

1. Alucard
2. Frenchie
3. Marcil
4. Achilos

Short & Shield

1. Marcil
2. Alucard
3. Frenchie
4. Lurker


1. Marcil
2. Lurker
3. Alexander
4. Alucard

Hinged & Shield

1. Alucard
2. Marcil
3. F'lar

DS Open Weapon

1. Alucard
2. Frenchie
3. Blaze
4. Achilos

5 points per first
3 points per second
1 point per third

Alucard 21
Marcil 19
Frenchie 7
Lurker 4
Flar 1
Alexander 1

Amtgard Croquet

OK, keeping with the Alice and Wonderland theme of our kingdom, I would like everyone to make an Amtgard legal croquet mallet. It must be legal by Amtgard rules of Play 7.5. We will be having an Amtgard Croquet game next weekend. (November 27) It will be held at 2:00pm. Get ready to have some fun

In Service
Baron F’lar Starfire
Monarch of the Duchy Pegasus Valley

Halloween Battle

Halloween Battle

Ok on October 30 I plan on having a monster battle. There will be a castle with walls, a cemetery, and a deserted mine.
These are the monsters that I need someone to play:

1 Vampire
2 Skeleton
2 Zombie
1 Werewolf
1 Lich
1 Flesh Golem

If you are interested in playing any of these monsters please tell me. Also there will be treasure for the ending of each encounter.

In Service
Baron F’lar Starfire
Monarch of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Current Officers - Fall/Winter 2010

Here are the current officers of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Monarch: Baron F’lar Starfire
Regent: Mistress Dru-kara
Champion: Baron White Wolf
Prime Minister: Baron Styxx Nobleheart
Guildmaster of Reeves: Defender Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson
Heir Apparent: Page Blaze Starfire
Captain of the Guard: Defender Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson
Marshal: Silk

Reign Schedule - Fall/Winter 2010

Here is the Reign Schedule for the next 6 months.
If you have any suggestions for any other events please notify me.

October 30 - Monster Battle
November 5, 6, 7 - Renfair/Maize Maze in Las Cruces
December 11 - Mid Reign / Chancellor elections / Weapon Master / Dragon Master
January 8 - BOD elections
February 5 - Crown Qualification
February 12 - Crown Elections
March 5 - Coronation

Duke's Challenge

Duke's Challenge,

I am having a Siege Weapon/Engine contest. It starts now and ends at Mid Reign (December 11).

The Siege Weapon/Engine must be Amtgard legal per Amtgard Rules of Play 7.6 page 7.

The Siege Weapon/Engine will be graded on legality (per rulebook), usability, and looks.

The prizes as of right now have not been set, but they will be good.
If you need any help, feel free to bring it to the park or ask either on the

PV Mailing List
or at

Battlegame Today

I couldn't sleep last night, so I'm gonna try to run a battlegame for early-birds today at like 1. Be there and be awesome.

An Exciting Day At The Park

I've come to realize that things don't just magically get better on their own. I'm thinking next Saturday(the 23rd), we should have a large and exciting day at the park. People should come out and have fun, invite their friends, et cetera. I will run as many fast-paced and awesome battlegames as I can.

Do you have friends outside the game who might appreciate a day of fun? Have you been thinking about asking somebody to come to Amtgard? This weekend will be the perfect time to bring them out! We should talk to as many people as we can and get people to come to Amtgard on the 23rd. If we really focus on recruiting new people, and they come out to an exciting day at the park, maybe we can hit an upswing on attendance and Amtgard will be a magical and fun place for everybody once again. Loaner garb and weapons will be available, so there should be no obstacle to fun for new players!

Have you been out of Amtgard for a while and are maybe looking for a day to come to the park and see old friends? This could be the perfect time to do exactly that! Old faces that have been out for a time would really brighten everyone's day.

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