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PV Midreign

Greetings to the people of Pegasus Valley, Dragonspine, Lost Souls, Savage Highlands and all surrounding lands.
The date of our mid reign is fast approaching us. The monarchy of PV would like to invite everyone to join us on the 4th of June for fun, festivities, and feasting. I am sure that our creative and imaginative Champion has some great battle game scenarios running through his head. We are going to try something a little different for feast. Instead of the usual feast halls, churches or the park for feast and court. We are going to be trying out a new venue, Active Imagination. Active Imagination or AI as you will hear us refer to it, is a local gaming store and arena. It is an old movie theater that has been converted to a gaming store. With the theaters as private areas. They will be catering the event so we will need to know as soon as possible if you will be attending. So please RSVP to me as soon as you can so we can get the numbers together. Also if you are wanting to attend but need somewhere to stay I am sure that we will be able to find crash space for everyone.
Thank you for your time,

Albuquerque Comic Expo Demo

Unto the populous of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley and to all comers,

I have set up a demo and a booth for us at the Albuquerque comic expo.
The booth will cost us $300.00, I will be taking donations to cover the cost from this weekend till the weekend of June 28th.
We will be given 4 vendors passes for anyone that runs the booths.

It will be held:

  • Friday, June 24th: 10am-9pm*
  • Saturday, June 25th: 10am-9pm*
  • Sunday, June 26th: 10am-6pm

*show floor is open to 9pm to provide access to panel rooms, but exhibitors and vendors are welcome to start closing after 7pm.

Tickets are:

Ticket before 4/1 Before 6/23 At Door
3-day $40.00 $50.00 $55.00
Friday $20.00 $25.00 $30.00
Saturday $20.00 $25.00 $30.00
Sunday $15.00 $20.00 $25.00

Now Rakis is June 15-19, 2011 and this event will be the following weekend.

Also all you guys/gals in the 501st that are going to be there, grab your Amtgear and come out for us too. Twice the fun.

I will be getting more information as the event gets closer.
In Service

Duke Baron F’lar Starfire

A Bad Hand

(Another long post. Skip to the bottom for this week's battlegames, if you hate stories. Stay tuned to this list(and other sources) for clues for games in weeks to come. If you like talking in-character and all that good stuff, feel free to do your thing as the story reveals itself. Story and games written and produced by The Expedition)

As the cold winter draws to its end, our noble Duchy saw a significant boon for its local economy. As pockets are lined with coins, once again people have begun to charter adventuring parties for the purposes of going out into the countryside and returning with valuables looted from forgotten dungeons, a tradition long-enduring in Pegasus Valley. Often these adventures are filled with magic, and mystery, sometimes monsters, perhaps maidens even.

Coronation will be held on March 5th

Coronation will be held on March 5th, 2011 at Taylor Park. It will be a pot luck feast. The cost will be $5.00 if you bring a dish, enough to serve at least 5 to 10 people. It will be $7.00 if you do not want to bring anything. We are hoping that this will be a good fundraiser for the Duchy.

Also we will be having a garb sale this Saturday February 26th. Everything will be $5.00. Please bring any extra garb that you do not need and want to get rid of. I am also going to sell feast gear sets for $10.00. All proceeds go to the club.

In Service
Duke Baron F’lar Starfire
Monarch of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Peace Again in the Land

Thank you, my friends for coming to my aid. Sir Alucard was clever to gather a third faction to protect the Duchy's lands (as a landholder, I clearly see his efforts to increase his holdings). Although not specifically loyal to the Duke, this third faction and the Duke successfully pushed our rebels into my castle where we were soundly defeated in combat. Fear not, my loyal friends, for your efforts were not in vain. The Duke and I have had an opportunity to intimately discuss my party's surrender. We will continue to take these discussions "under cover" to prevent further turmoil in the land. Suffice it to say, none of my followers will face the gallows or the stocks; however, I may have to continue the remainder of my.... I mean, the Duke's reign as his consort.

Mistress Dru-Kara

A Coup d'État

This is a lengthy post, so bear with me. Next week I will be running a series of battlegames, worked around a single story scenario. I'd like to get as many of these in as possible, so aim to show up to the park really early; let's shoot for noon if we can.

Game 1: The Vault
It's been a long and cold six months. Now, as the end of his term draws near, Duke F'lar seems to have but a feeble grip on the Duchy. Duchess-by-succession Dru-Kara, seeing his weakness, has enlisted soldiers and mercenaries, in order to overthrow the Duke and lay her claim to the land. Having assembled a caravan, they ride to the ducal vault, holding all of the Duchy's fortunes, and knock a hole in the wall, so they may claim the riches held within and fund Dru-Kara's war campaign.

(Diagram here:
The setup:

Elections 2-12-11

Just a reminder that elections are this week! F'lar is running for Duke, Alucard is running for Regent, and Lurker is running for Champion.


Remember, today is the last day to pay dues so that you can vote in next week's Crown elections.

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