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First Annual Pegasus Valley Ninja Competition


Ash came out as the clear nobody-can-beat-him winner from part one of the quest. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we couldn't do part two today.

For those of you who got zero, one, or two scrolls: fear not! You still have a chance! Inspired by today's success, I have decided to also award another sword to the 2nd place winner as determined by next week's ninja tournament(part 2 of the ninja competition). There are potentially 2 scrolls available next week if you win lots of fights, so be prepared to show off your ninja combat skills.
The tournament shall have three parts:
1) Single short sword
2) Single polearm
3) Pyrotechnics(fireballs)
All of which shall be run in single-elimination format. If you win a certain number of fights, you earn one of the last available scrolls. Since you could potentially win both scrolls and beat out anyone who has two from this week, this means that people who missed this week's game could still come in second place(people like Glenalth).

Dragonmaster, Free Breakfast, and Questing Galore!

This Saturday we have a number of events happening in addition to the normal Amtgard debauchery.

There is a breakfast starting at 11 AM, provided by the Regent, for us to all to enjoy. It will be delicious.

Shortly after the feast is the Dragonmaster competition, so you will want to get your A&S entries in as soon as possible. Our Weaponmaster competition will be next week. Prime Minister elections will also be this week; we have one person who declared so it will be a confidence/no confidence vote if she passes the necessary tests.

In addition to that, Tiwaz will be running the third installment of the questing done for our reign. The dragon and monsters are back again, and there will be some other imminent disaster of some kind for the PCs to face this week. Look forward to getting more gold, and buying things with the gold you already have.

Also, I am proud to announce that I will be running a ninja-themed quest and competition this week. Because of gross violations of ninja code recently, it has been decided that the shinobi of Pegasus Valley will be put to the test.


May have killed some sort of dragon a few times today.

I now have 277 gold for this reign's quests.

Also, Druids rock.

Message from the Scribe

This is your scribe speaking. Make sure you come out to the park this weekend (9/13/08) for Guildmaster (GM) Elections, Yay!

Guild master elections, for those who don't know what it is, is a gathering of the guilds. All the classes alike that have been played in the past 6 months of the GM elections, if there are 2 or more people that played in that specific class (We will more then likely go through a list of all the GM positions), they will be allowed to be in the elections. You must be dues-paid to vote (but you don't have to be dues paid to be elected, only voting you have to be dues-paid). Also, there will be an assortment of other GM's that will be elected that CAN'T be played, but have jobs.

In my opinion, I think we should start the (Extra life) for Playable-Class GM's back up again.

Also, we will be having a weapons check this Saturday, the 13th, by Tiwaz, our Champion; GM of engineers and heir apparent can help with these kind of odd-jobs.

So make sure you come out, have some fun, and get elected for a GM spot!

Crown Quals Results 2008/8/9

The following people qualified to run for office.

Cassandrah, Monarch
Styxx, Champion
Tiwaz, Champion

Cassandrah is the Arts & Sciences champion for the reign.

Cultural scores are attached.
War events results are not yet available.

Park Report 6-28-08

We had approximately 20 people out today in all.

Everybody showed up a little after 1:00 PM, for the most part, and we started off with some jugging, as per F'lar's suggestion on the PV list. We haven't had jugging at the park in years. Since most of the people who played never jugged before, it was fairly unbalanced, but we still had fun for the most part. We got 5 rounds of jugging off before everybody got tired of losing so badly.

We had an althing in which people voted for whether or not we were going to pay for our P.O. Box. The vote passed the althing. Additional topics of discussion included Harvest War and GM elections. There is also some hideous rumor of people being able to assault me freely with baked goods, to which I raised serious objection and confusion.

PV Newbie Guide

I'm working on a simple newbie guide that covers everything that you would need to know for your first month out at the park.


  • Before you come out
  • Your first day
  • Making a weapon
  • Making garb

The framework is up:

Suggestions are welcome and comments are enabled on the individual pages for suggestions.

Midreign Feast, June 7th 2008 at Taylor Park

Greetings unto the populace of Pegasus Valley,

We invite you to the Midreign Feast of Pegasus Valley. It is being held at Taylor Park on June 7th. The festivities for the day will begin around 1:00p and will continue for as long as we have the energy (and light, probably).

Our theme is Midsummer and faeries. We are planning on a quest for that day. The details are still rough, so we hope to have an update prior to June 7th, but we may not have time to prior to then. If you are interested in participating in the quest, please send a message to Ashatharu on the list.

We will be grilling at the park that day, perhaps chicken or kabobs, or some sort. Feel free to make suggestions (other than hamburgers or hotdogs if you have any requests or diet restrictions). I am planning on making potato salad and a summery cake with strawberries as well as providing fruits and possibly veggies. If you would like to bring a summery dessert for feast, I will take $2 off the price of feast for you. That being said, as usual when I run feasts, it will be $5 per person, unless as stated above you bring a dessert, in which case it will be $3.

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