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An incomplete timeline of events in Pegasus Valley. Please comment with any further information you have to add.


Archives of past quarterly reports and event reports.

Competition Results

Results from past tournaments, competitions, and crown qualifications.

Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors meetings, business meetings, althings, and other meeting minutes from the past.

1995 Job Descriptions

This is a list of old Pegasus Valley job descriptions from 1995. I have archived them here for safe keeping. In the last 13 years many of the jobs have shifted and evolved, but many are still the same.

The Archives

This section is a repository for Pegasus Valley records and competition results. If you have any old records, newsletters, or meeting minutes that are missing from this archive, please send them to


An archive of newsletters for the Albuquerque & Santa Fe Amtgard chapters.

Horsefeathers is Pegasus Valley's newsletter.
The Maw is the newsletter of Dragon's Tooth.

I will try to collect as many as I can and post them here. If you have files or hardcopies of any missing newsletters, please send them to Glenalth so they can be archived here.

First Annual Pegasus Valley Ninja Competition


Ash came out as the clear nobody-can-beat-him winner from part one of the quest. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we couldn't do part two today.

For those of you who got zero, one, or two scrolls: fear not! You still have a chance! Inspired by today's success, I have decided to also award another sword to the 2nd place winner as determined by next week's ninja tournament(part 2 of the ninja competition). There are potentially 2 scrolls available next week if you win lots of fights, so be prepared to show off your ninja combat skills.
The tournament shall have three parts:
1) Single short sword
2) Single polearm
3) Pyrotechnics(fireballs)
All of which shall be run in single-elimination format. If you win a certain number of fights, you earn one of the last available scrolls. Since you could potentially win both scrolls and beat out anyone who has two from this week, this means that people who missed this week's game could still come in second place(people like Glenalth).

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