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B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/10/13

Members Attending:

President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Vice-President: Kennett Weatherford
Monarch: Andre Reyes
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Alternate: Cindy Ploen
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn (1:15)
Liaison: Chris Shattuck (1:10)

Convene: 12:32 pm mdt

Corporate Status:
Needs to be renewed.
Robert - to determine what contractual obligations Pegasus Valley has towards having/maintaining corporate status.
Cindy - to look into what is needed to gain state/federal corporate status.
Andrea - to contact a former member who previously worked towards our corporate status.

Disposition of contracts with Dragon Spine and Burning Lands needs to be determined. Task not delegated.

Treasurers Report:
$364.54 in cash box
$724.95 in bank
$1089.49 total

PM Audit
Records will need to be audited before the next PM takes office.
Since election is after next board meeting, the audit official will be determined from the corpora and a date will be set at the next board meeting.

Corpora Discussion:

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/11/10


President Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Vice President Kennette Weatherford
Monarch Andre Reyes
Secretary Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister Chris Tillman
Alternate Cindy Ploen
Treasurer Jeff Moehn
Liaison Chris Shatuck

Convene 12:53 pm mst

PM Audit: Shall be conducted by the treasurer on or about midreign to be reported on at the next board meeting.

Audit shall include:
POBox Number and keys, date of last payment, and due date of next payment
sheets, waivers, and ORK password
Review bank statements and verify funds.
Review work for kingdom audit.

BoD will discuss changing of signers on bank account at next meeting.

Corporate Status:

Corporate status is not required by either contract with Amtgard Inc or Dragonspine corpora. Verbiage on Dragonspin Contract unavailable.
Contact with Elspeth suggests that we need state status before we can get federal.
Cindy will request any documents available from the state corporation commission.
Robert will visit the IRS office and attempt to get our Tax ID#
The pros and cons of the various tax status will be discussed at the next board meeting.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/12/15


President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Monarch: Andre Reyes
Vice-President: Kennette Weatherford
Prime Minister/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn

Convened: 12:37pm

Corporate Status Discussion: Primary Absent; Discussion Tabled.

Treasurer's Report:
Feast Costs: Food $125 + Hall $65
Feast Proceeds: $80
Feast Net: -$110

Bank Account: $659.95
Cash Box: $288.44

Discussed Additional Fundraising Efforts:
Proposed Efforts:
Additional Donors for Bake Sale Effort.
Sale of Class Sashes and Safe Weapons.

PM Audit Report: No Anomalies - Transfer of Documents Successful.

Board Elections:
Determined not to delay elections to February as has been done in the past.
Elections set for January 12th 2008.

Adjourned 12:58pm

Robert McClenahan

Board of Directors

Current and past members of the Board of Directors and archive of meeting minutes.


President: Robyn Richards (Cassandrah)
Vice-President: Adam Wester (Silk)
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn (Mossy)
Secretary: Andrea Reyes-Heacock (Lila)
Liason: James Wright (Orgy)
Alternate: Shawnna Wright (Beladonna)


President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes (Lila)
Vice-President: Andre Reyes (Alucard)
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn (Mossy)
Secretary: Robert McClenahan (Kate)
Liason: Empty
Alternate: John Riley (Tiwaz)

A Letter from our Champion?

Fear me, I am Anti-Tiwaz! I have taken our champion and placed him in a cold and dark place where he can not write submissions to the newsletter! Bwahahaha!
Tiwaz has a number of plans for you guys, so listen up! It seems that there have been a number of attacks on our duchy over the past 3 months or so. First, you guys lost a bunch of gold to some pesky goblins. It was an epic failure. In the upcoming battle after that, those same goblins had given all of their gold away somehow, presumably by buying liquor or something that is really expensive and easily waste-able. So, some other bad monsters ended with lots of gold!

From the Local Ninja Council

Hello, if you are reading this message, it means that I poisoned that soda you drank a few minutes ago. Yes, the carbonated one. You knew it tasted funny, didn't you? Anyway, on to business. After recent violations of ninja code that occurred at the park itself and on our mailing list, I had decided to put our shinobi to the ultimate test: a battle to the death over a small number of meaningless objects. As usual, you guys picked up on this quickly and were soon backstabbing each other and bashing each other's heads in like expert thugs. But there were a few of you who showed the true cunning and skill of the ninja, and I had chosen to honor these people.

Unto the Populace of Pegasus Valley

We are a little more than three months into the current winter reign, and I am feeling optimistic! Even though the chill closes in like a stalking wraith, our attendance remains strong, and new players are signing up on a monthly basis. We have held monthly tournaments, including Weaponmaster, during which our fighters have shown great skill and honor on the battlefield. Prizes have been awarded for those whose tenacity helped raise them to the highest levels of accomplishment in all the recent contests. Even the recent quests have been interesting and enjoyable for those involved, and a great place to earn game items.
These successes are due, for the most part, to YOU as a member of our fair Duchy. Congratulations! Keep it up, and as spring arrives, our numbers should grow; each new member shall be welcomed and will add to our diversity. We'll continue our monthly tournaments, quests, and battlegames, as well as holding Arts & Sciences meetings once every two weeks. As winter progresses, we will be planning next year's Harvest War, preparing for the Rio Grande Highland Games, and trying to reach more potential members at a variety of locations.

Message from the Scribe

Hello, and this is your scribe, Marcil Firestalker Woodsman, and I have an important list of upcoming dates for you guys! Things that are coming up soon in the second half of Cassandrah's reign:

  • January 10, 2009: Althing; Declarations due for Board of Directors election.
  • January 17, 2009: Free Breakfast at the park. Come early for questing! Board of Directors election today.
  • January 31st, 2009: Declarations for Crown elections are due.
  • February 7th, 2009: Crown Qualifications A&S and Fighting Tournaments.
  • February 21st, 2009: Crown elections
  • March 7th, 2009: Coronation feast with a barbarian theme. Location TBA by Kaulik.

In addition we are scheduled to have another tourney each month as well as another quest each month run by Tiwaz, our champion. Be ready for this! There are Arts and Sciences meetings every other Wednesday as well, so if you need more equipment, come ready to learn!

-Lord Marcil Firestalker Woodsman
Scribe of Pegasus Valley

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