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Heiligen Fest (Coronation Feast)

On March 7, 2009, on or about 7 p.m., the Duchy of Pegasus Valley will have a Barbarian-themed Coronation Feast at 9021 Montgomery (The New Mexico Restaurant Association).

$5.00 fee will apply payable at the door to the Head Barbarian. However, those RSVP'ing by Feb. 28, 2009 will get a special present!

As tentatively planned, the menu will be:

Kaulik's Shepherd's Pie
Barbarian Bread
Barbarian Salad
Blackbird Pie
Assorted Meats and Cheeses
Soft Drinks and Water

Please contact Kaulik at (505) 417-7367 as soon as possible to RSVP. Also, if you wish to add to the festivities, either with food donations or old-fashioned plain old sweat, please contact the above-mentioned Barbarian.

Kaulik Rouqil Von Aufinger, Guildmaaster of Smiths.

Awesome, Amazing, Fantastic!

Everyone in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley...You all rule! You are all
freakin awesome, keep up the awesomeness, good attitudes, and great
fighting. I see the attendance has gone up, GREAT job guys! Without
the help of everyone at the park, we would just be some other random
group, but you guys are just freakin amazing. I enjoy nothing more
than hanging out with everyone at the park every week, you guys are
just awesome people to be around. Again, keep up the amazingness.

Thanks so much,

Declarations for Spring/Summer 2009

Breakfast on January 17th

Hello, this is your scribe speaking, of course. I wanted to remind all of you that I am hosting a free breakfast at the park this Saturday the 17th, from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

The menu will consist of:

  1. Cinnamon Rolls
  2. Hot and Cold Beverages (Tea, Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Orange Juice, and Milk)
  3. Hard boiled eggs
  4. Trail mix
  5. Fruit (Fresh fruit slices)
  6. Pumpkin Parfait

Everyone who shows up for this event gets an EXTRA CREDIT per Cassandrah, Duchess of PV (Even outlanders, your credits will be mailed to your Prime Minister). Also, we are pushing to run a Quest if we can get enough people(See Tiwaz, Champion of PV for details). And even more fun will arrive shortly there after with a Battlegame of some sort and DITCHING! Hurray!

Thanks and I hope to see you there at 11:00am on Saturday, the 17th,
Lord Marcil F. Woodsman, Scribe of PV

Dragonmaster Results 2008/11/22

Dragonmaster Results

Garb Accessories Item Score
Cassandrah Squire's Belt 4.80
Cassandrah Wolf Belt Favor 4.43
Styxx Leather Circlet 4.80
Jewelry Item Score
Cassandrah Copper Necklace and Earrings 4.87
Garb Item Score
Cassandrah Octopus Vest 4.17
Legal Weapon Item Score
Cassandrah Grey Sword 3.77
Unique Weapon Item Score
Whitewolf Curved Sword 4.10
Lurker Ninja Sword 3.67

Crown Qualifications - February 2009

Crown Qualfications Schedule

8/2/2008 : Cultural entries must have been finished since this date.
1/23 : Intent for vintners entries are due.
1/23 10pm: Sign-ups for Chess event close.
1/24 : Match seeding for Chess is announced.
1/30 10pm : Sign-ups for Mancala event close.
1/31 : Declarations for office are due.
1/31 : Corpora and Reeves Tests available for qualification.
1/31 : Match seeding for Mancala is announced.
1/31 : Literature entries are due.
2/7 : Day of Crown Qualifications.
2/7 noon : Sign-ins for cultural and war events open.
2/7 1pm : Sign-ins for cultural events close.
2/7 1pm : Sign-ins for war events begin to close as each list is seeded.
2/7 end of day : Chess and Mancala events are over, no further matches may be played.
2/21 : Testing ends when election starts.
2/21 : Elections and Champion's Tournament.

Crown Qualifications Requirements Attached

BLAHHH Holidays

I'm going to be out of town for many days and will probably not be in town next week for the park.

If you need to contact me, tell me here, because google is blocked at my grandparents' house and I can't view my email.

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