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Crown Quals Results 2004/8/14

     These are the results of the Pegasus Valley Crown Qualifications that were held on August 14th, 2004.

Qualifications on this day:

  • Alucard - 7 Cultural and 9 War
  • Morgant - 1 Cultural and 9 War
  • Twig - 9 War
  • Skywalker - 1 Cultural and 6 War
  • Ballbazack - 9 War
  • Lurker - 1 Cultural and 6 War
  • Mossy Zinc - 1 Cultural
  • Grim Mr. Herald - 2 War

B.O.D. Minutes - 2006/3/11

B.O.D. Meeting March 11,2006

Location: The Park
Attendance: Cindy,Chris,Steve,Jeff,Kate, and Annette.
Called to order: March 11, 2006 At 11:50 A.m.

Cindy Called the meeting to order at 11:50 A.m. The business before the BOD today is the position of treasure.

Chris tells us that as the new Monarch he can no longer be treasure. As Alucard is the new Regent he can no longer be an alternate.

Cindy nominates Jeff to be our new treasure. Annette seconds the motion. We vote. The voting is unanimous. Jeff "Mossy" is our new treasure of Pegasus Valley B.O.D.

Steve then brought up the tax exemption and getting Non- Profit status. It was decided that we would talk about it more at the next meeting.

Cindy motioned to adjourn the meeting. Annette Seconds the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 P.m.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2006/4/8

>>>B.O.D. Meeting April 8,2006

Location: The Park
Attendance: Cindy, Chris, Jolie, Will, Jeff, Kate, & Annette.
Called to order: April 8, 2006 at 11:50 A.m.

>>>Cindy called the meeting to order at 11:50 A.m. It was mentioned that Lila & André were in Portales for their Crown Quals and that they would not be here.

>>>Cindy asked Jeff for a report. He said that he talked with Raelys and that all we have to do is become registered with the State as a Non-profit organization then they would be happy to help us. Jeff also told us that he dropped off the information to Steve.

>>>Cindy brings up that she wants to get two things accomplished this reign.
1.) Getting our tax status changed
2.) Acquiring a storage unit for the group

>>>Mossy brings up that his family has a storage unit that could be used. Cindy brings up that the reason we want to get a "community" one is so that if someone is not here, that there would be someone at the park with a key. Also that if it was in someone's yard and they did not want to be in the game anymore that how would we move it and where.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/4/14

Minutes for the BoD Meeting of 4/14/07


President: Elena Moreno "Dru-Kara" (12:11)
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan "Kate Ghanston"
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn "Mossy"
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman "Styxx Nobleheart"
Liason: Sarah Budai "Tie Dye" (12:11)
Alternate: Cindy Ploen "Shayleigh"

Convened: 11:55 am MDT

Los Lunas Chapter: No contact - Tabled

Shared Feasts: First Feast Free; Shire must contribute 20%; Sharing chapter must
be under DS and have signed contracts. Pass 4-0

Credit Transfer to Santa Fe: Shire must be set up in the ORK. A hard copy of
the records transfered will be retained.

Treasurers Report: Bank: $1277.32 (unchanged) Cashbox: $123.47. Payment made
for storage unit ($39).

Corpora Article I: Accepted as written.

Corpora Article II:

Members: Added stipulation that legal guardian must attend with underage

Voting Members: Add stipulation that dues may not be paid on the day of
elections. Add stipulation that they must have signed in at least six times in
the last six months.

Credits: Regular Meeting: Add caveat for unscheduled events.
Events: Remove sign in validation for attending at another chapter.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/5/12

Convened 1:06 pm MDT

President: Elena Moreno
Secretary/Monarch: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen
Vice President: Richard Silva (1:30pm)

Corpora Article 2: Accepted as modified, provided typo is corrected. Vote 5-0 pass.
Corpora Article 3:
Under General Information:
Added call out for when terms of office start and end.
Moved PM term of office from PM section to here.
Added cross reference to elections and crown qualifications.
Corrected typo.

Under Monarch, Regent, and Champion.
Moved first point to start of responsibilities.

Under Monarch, Regent, Champion, and Guild Master of Reeves
Moved qualifications call out to Article governing Crown Qualifications.

Under Monarch and Regent
Moved awards and honors call out to Article governing Awards and Honors.
Added cross reference under responsibilities.

Under Prime Minister
Moved election and qualifications call out to Elections section under Government.
Eliminated need for written contract for finantial responsibility; made consent given upon taking up the office.

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/6/9

BoD minutes for 6/9/07

Meeting Called to order at 12:13 pm MDT

President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Corpora Article 3: Officers

Under General Information
Removed clause allowing an Allthing to excuse absenteeism because of attendance at other Amtgard functions. Added clause to allow up to two absences a month be excused with verified

attendance at other amtgard functions.

Under Monarch and Regent
Changed wording on term limit clause to use the number two instead of three; meaning unchanged.

Under Regent
Remove limitation preventing the Regent from receiving awards and honors while in office.

Under Champion
Add responsibility: The champion shall have ultimate responsibility for safety on the field of play.
Changed weapon checks to monthly and removed reference to specific dates. Added clause to cover spot checks.

Under Prime Minister

B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/7/14


President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Convened 12:15 pm mdt

Board Vacancies: No interest has been expressed to any board members; Vacancies will be announced at Allthing.

Waiver Updates for 2007: Only applies to Waivers on file dated prior to 1/1/07. A separate signature sheet be generated; signing this sheet will attest that the individuals waiver has been

reviewed and the information is still accurate. If the information on the waiver is inaccurate a new waive shall be filed.

Corpora Article 3: (Officers) Accepted as modified.

Corpora Article 4: (Positions)

Under Marshal:
Changed reference to passing a reeve test to being a member of the reeve guild; passing a reeve test is the requirement to be in the reeve guild.
Added notation that the position of may be filled by a group of people in rotation.
Removed vacancy notes.

Consolidated all types of guildmaster into one group: Guild Masters with Common call out for general responsibilities.
Added subsection for Fighting Guilds (all standard classes and monsters)

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