Spring 2014 Dragonmaster Results

Only 3 entries this time, but here are the scores.

Amatiel - 6.52 pts
General Construction, "Spike" 3.48
Amtgard Weapon, "Ba-Bomb" 3.04

Shayleigh - 3.72 pts
Art, "Feast Gear Set" 3.72

Which makes Amatiel our Dragonmaster for the reign.

Dragonmaster, 12-12-09 Rules

Dragonmaster is our Arts and Sciences competition taking place Saturday, December 12th, during our Midreign park day. Sign-ups for the competition will close at 1:30 PM, with judging commencing immediately after that.

The Arts & Sciences are broken into several categories, each with several events. Each event has an event code to help sort them out on the judging sheets and for the final scoring.

Art Events:
[A1] Flat Art: two-dimensional artistic medium.
[A2] 3-D Art: three dimensional artistic medium.
[A3] Kit: Anything made from a kit, such as miniatures or ceramics.
[A4] Needlework: embroidery, latch hook, cross-stitch, knitting, bead work, or crotchet.
[A5] Jewelry: any item made to be worn as jewelry.
[A6] Photography: photograph of people, places, or events related to the genre of Amtgard.
[A7] Media: movie, web page, or digitally-enhanced art.

Bardic Events:
[B1] Singing: with or without accompaniment.
[B2] Instrumental Music: musical performance on a musical instrument.
[B3] Dance: dancing.
[B4] Recitation: story, poetry, comedy, drama, etc.

Garbing Events:
[G1] Fighting Garb: made for wear on the battlefield.

Dragonmaster Results 2008/11/22

Dragonmaster Results

Garb Accessories Item Score
Cassandrah Squire's Belt 4.80
Cassandrah Wolf Belt Favor 4.43
Styxx Leather Circlet 4.80
Jewelry Item Score
Cassandrah Copper Necklace and Earrings 4.87
Garb Item Score
Cassandrah Octopus Vest 4.17
Legal Weapon Item Score
Cassandrah Grey Sword 3.77
Unique Weapon Item Score
Whitewolf Curved Sword 4.10
Lurker Ninja Sword 3.67

Dragonmaster, Free Breakfast, and Questing Galore!

This Saturday we have a number of events happening in addition to the normal Amtgard debauchery.

There is a breakfast starting at 11 AM, provided by the Regent, for us to all to enjoy. It will be delicious.

Shortly after the feast is the Dragonmaster competition, so you will want to get your A&S entries in as soon as possible. Our Weaponmaster competition will be next week. Prime Minister elections will also be this week; we have one person who declared so it will be a confidence/no confidence vote if she passes the necessary tests.

In addition to that, Tiwaz will be running the third installment of the questing done for our reign. The dragon and monsters are back again, and there will be some other imminent disaster of some kind for the PCs to face this week. Look forward to getting more gold, and buying things with the gold you already have.

Also, I am proud to announce that I will be running a ninja-themed quest and competition this week. Because of gross violations of ninja code recently, it has been decided that the shinobi of Pegasus Valley will be put to the test.

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