Techniques of Medieval Armor Reproduction by Brian Price

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This book has more than earned the title of the "Armourer's Bible". Each page is a visual buffet of worthwhile projects, accurate historical information, and relevant tips and tricks that pertain to our craft. If ever I need inspiration for a new project (or even a new twist on an old project), I always turn to ToMAR first.

Inside is a complete list of projects that will produce an authentic 14th century suit of armour. I've used the patterns and techniques myself and they are very helpful. It saved me a lot of time and wasted material.

The book is worth very penny. Once you have it in your hand, you'll see that it is an excellent investment for both the beginning armourer as well as the more seasoned professional. You'll not regret this purchase.


Greece and Rome at War by Peter Connolly

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(from the inside fold of the book cover)
"Greece and Rome at War lucidly demonstrates the face of battle in the ancient world. Covering the wars between the Greks and the Persians and the epic contest between the Romans and their most capable opponent, Hannibal, as well as organisation, tactics, armour and weapons, and much more, it brings the armies of Greece and Rome vividly to life."

This book is all of this and more. I began to get involved in Roman history in April of 2000, months before the popular movie Gladiator was released (and shortly before everyone began to develop an interest in the Roman world). This was the first title that was recommended to me. It would be years before I could find a copy, it seems that every copy the local library had was checked out and had not been returned for a few years. I now see why.


Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction by Brian Price

Brian R. Price's Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction: The 14th Century (often referred to just as ToMAR) is the book most professional armourers often refer to as the "Armourer's Bible". Though it only covers the 14th Century, it is a more complete reference on the subject than any other.


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