Central Forge Throatless Shear

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Supplier: Harbor Freight Tools
Price: $89.99 (now $99.99)

Harbor Freight Hand Punch

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This little tool can serve well with most armorers. While not the most durable model Harbor Freight has made, this hand punch is worth its price. Remember to keep the reciept, however, as you will occasionally get one that wont last more than a week of use. I replaced mine three times before getting one that lasted, and have used it for the past year without a problem.

I have used my hand punch for small projects, such as my lamellar and brig. It works great for aluminum street signs as well as mild steel at 18g and 16g (for which it is suggested). I have yet to try it with any other type of steel, but others I have spoken with claim limited success with stainless. As I said, I would keep the reciept handy if that is your plan.

Useful for projects when a drill is inappropriate or a cleaner hole is needed. Constant use can wear your hand out and end up taking more time, but for limited use, nothing compared.

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Central Forge 15lb Anvil

I bought this little anvil as an afterthought. It turned out to be a better investment than I originally thought, but there are far better anvils out there for only a little more money.

Central Forge Throatless Shear

There are many complaints about the CF Shear among more "prestigious" (read: Able to throw more money at the problem) armourers. You don't have to go far to read stories of misaligned blades and a slew of other mishaps making the shear "worthless" all ending in the phrase "You get what you pay for." Well bullshit is, obviously, still free

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