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Talifer Stormfire
Pegasus Valley
Duchy of Pegasus Valley
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John Charles Bone
Gryphons Pearch Rising Winds
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Cio Cio
Querna Tema
kevin mccall
Ironwood, Wetlands
Baku Panurple
The Shire of U-topus from the Kingdom of the Wetlands
Snafu de Fubar
Hawk's Point
C.S. Teleri ne Tema
Duchy of Querna Tema
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Lord Sir Keluric Tryst
Duchy of Wavehaven, Westmarch, Dragonspine
Dark Oasis
Fallen Sun
Thistledown Notagnome
Wyvern's Spur
Dame Galtana Greybeard
The Kingdom of Goldenvale
Steel Brightblade
Emerald Hills
Sir Gavvin Quinn
Mourningwood Glen of EH
Count Orlando
Obsidian Hills - Rising Winds

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