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February 2012 Crown Qualifications Results

February, 11 2012

First, I want to thank Regent Tesare for her hard work over the weekend. She compiled the relevant information and worked tirelessly with the judges. Thank you, judges and reeves for your work as well: Glenalth, Tiwaz, Nacoochee,Shayleigh, Styxx, Dakkenly, Ragnar, Kit, Marcil, and Shadydeal.

Regent Tesare has provided me with the following information for distribution on all lists.

Congratulations to Fu, Alucard, Shadow, and myself for qualifying for Hydras which automatically qualifies us for the respective offices we are seeking. Congratulations to Bjorn for qualifying to run for Champion.

During our Crown Qualifications, it was our honor to host Kingdom visitors who graced us with their presence: Randall, Francis, Lurker, Azwyn, and Cyrule.

There were 74 Arts & Sciences entries. From the look of the scores, there are certainly some talented members of our populace that will receive appropriate accolades and awards at our upcoming Masquerade Coronation on March 11th.

Albuquerque Comic Convention

On January 13th, 14th and 15th, we are doing demos at the Albuquerque Comic Convention. Right now we are scheduled right now for Saturday at 12pm in the
Manzano room, we will have another scheduled for Sunday, he hasn't gotten done with the schedule yet. I hope to have a table to put fliers on. We have 10 discount tickets for all three days Amtgard. I haven't got the tickets yet. If you are interested in helping please contact me....

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Baron F'lar Starfire
Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Crown Quals will be held on August 6th, 2011.

Crown Quals will be held on August 6th, 2011.

I will be running Crown Quals. They will be held at the park. Sign-ins will open at 12:00pm and close at 1:00pm. Fighting events will be close at 1:30pm. Anyone willing to judge please email me.
These are going to be the events held:
Cultural Events

a. Garbing, which shall be divided into individual events of (i) Fighting Garb, made for wear on the battlefield; (ii) Court Garb, made for wear during court or formal functions; (iii) Monster Garb, made for the portrayal of a monster class; and (iv) Garb Accessory, such as belts, pouches, and favors.

Slay the Dragon Quest!

An evil, ancient, yellow dragon has traveled to Pegasus Valley from far away lands, and stolen the thunder from our skies, bringing us nothing but fires and droughts this year. You must enter the ancient vault and recover the lost pieces of a mystical sword, so that it may be reforged and used to slay the beast, and bring the rains back to our lands in time to save the crops for this year's harvest.

The quest game itself should take about two hours. Players will be divided into small teams, and will compete with each other for the sword pieces so they can reforge an ancient sword to kill the dragon with. The dragon may be killed without the sword, but it will return to life infinitely without using the sword. Refer to this map: for game details.

The vault features many puzzles and challenges, including chasms, poisoned traps, and gas chambers, used to guard the sword pieces. Be prepared! Show up at 1 PM, the game will start shortly thereafter.

There will also be a barbecue at the park, with free food and drinks, though donations to the group are accepted. Come for the fun and food. After the game will be an althing.

Comic Expo is coming up on June 24th thru the 26th, 2011

OK people the Comic Expo is coming up on June 24th thru the 26th. So far I have 3 people helping me with the booth and two who have promised to but have not gotten the passes yet. I would like to have two or three more people to help. This would give everybody who helps a chance to go around the expo. We also have a panel discussion scheduled for 1:00pm on Saturday June 25th right after Stan Lee. I can get a few more vendors passes at $25.00 for all three days. All I ask is that you work the booth at least 2 hours a day. You can pick the time. I will be there all three day. I have some flags and we have a banner to put up on the booth. Shayleigh and Marla have come up with some great flier for the booth. I would like to have someone make up a video to show on a laptop of portable DVD player I have. I would like Dragonspine and High Oasis to make up some flier for us to put out for them. You can send them to me by e-mail at Also Is there anyone from Dragonspine, High Oasis or Lost Souls coming up or down to the expo, and does anyone from these groups want a vendors pass for the weekend. They are $25.00 for the whole weekend.

Pegasus Valley Midreign and Amtgard Zombiepocalypse

Tomorrow is midreign! It's everybody's favorite apocalypse, and people will be competing versus zombies in a die-hard fight to the finish. We have multiple games, including a zombie scavenger scenario, your standard infection battle, and the "Zombie Run", a re-skinned edition of everybody's favorite Pillage Run competition. Additional themed games to follow at Active Imagination, where players will combat the zombie horde inside a doomed fortress(we are playing in an empty mall!). Feast afterwards in one of AI's theater bays; get your favorite food a la carte for good prices, and join our Duke as he celebrates Pegasus Valley surviving the end of days.

Amtgard Sister Park

Pegasus Valley's new sister chapter within the Amtgard Sister Park project is the Duchy of the Frost Lands, in the Kingdom of the Rising Winds(located mundanely in Oshkosh, Wisconsin). The Amtgard Sister Park project is intended to help build strong inter-park relationships and promote growth between established Amtgard chapters. As part of the project, we will be obligated to send a care package to the Frost Lands before September, full of neat items from Pegasus Valley. If you have ideas or donations, you can contact me(Lurker), as I am representing our park in this project.

I think we're going to do a great job, and I am excited to see what the Duchy of the Frost Lands sends us!


Comic Expo June 24th-26th, 2011

Ok people the booth is paid for. I will be getting a receipt in the mail in a few days. They haven’t placed the booths yet so I don’t know where in the room we are going to be. I am asking for a small demo area next to our booth for dueling, also we will be doing a panel discussion/demo, but they haven’t set up the schedule yet, so I do not know when. Either it will be Saturday or Sunday. We have permission to sell anything we want related to our club.

I would like to have some idea of how many people are going to attend. A one day pass is only $25.00. I think I can get 2 more vendors passes for $25.00 each (that is for all three days) but if you get them you must work the booth for at least 4 hours all three days, you can space them out all day.

I would also like to know how many Dragonspine, Lost souls, Savage Highlands, Clouds Edge, and High Oasis people are going to attend. We would love for you to be in on the panel discussion or help out at the booth. Also I would like some Dragonspine, Lost souls, Savage Highlands, Clouds Edge, and High Oasis fliers to put at the booths also. This could be very big for us and all the other lands.

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