Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
New as of March 2017 Rules of Play
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Early Bird Tournament 11/8

This weekend 11/8 the early bird tournament will start at 11:30. It getting darker earlier so lets try to start our park days earlier.

Current standing is the Gladiator Guild. Kyoya 1pt, Talife 3pt, Artyr 5pt.

10/25 War Report

The evacuation was a success, and finally a victory has been secured. The goblins were ill-prepared as we burst from the city, loaded our citizens and children onto the escape carts, and burnt the city to the ground. They shall find no security and no wealth there. When we return triumphant, the city shall be rebuilt greater than ever before the land has been known.

Upon learning Dragonspine's forts had been seized by bandits, we quickly sent two strike teams. The bandits put up a fight, but they were routed with little loss of life on our side.

In these trying times, we must stay strong, and stick together. Death to Ogga! Long life to our Legate! And may Pegasus Valley live forever!

- Page Talifer du Brume, Primus Arcana

Evacuation Order

Fellow citizens and other residents of Pegasus Valley,

Our golem drones have found a large force of goblins preparing to attack. There is no way that we can defeat this horde and their newly acquired magics. Even with our fortifications around the capitol, all would be lost. I am issuing the order to evacuate the area.

Grab your valuables, magics, and weapons and leave immediately. We cannot afford any more loss of life or resources. There will be no help offered by the Duchy for those that stay behind.

For those that are able bodied or magically inclined, destroy all barricades, doors, and fortifications that you can. The tunnel to the archives and armory have already been collapsed.

All are to assemble at the fortified wall south of Gryphon’s Aerie to take stock of who is still alive and what resources we still possess. Prince Randall has had the forts there secured by Dragonspine’s guard, so they should be relatively safe. If you are a mason, please report to the westernmost fort to administer repairs as it has suffered some damage during the action.

Once the census has taken place, food will be rationed out to all. Food is already scarce and without the manpower to harvest our already weak crops, this winter is looking more dangerous than the horde that preceded it. If you are hiding or stockpiling food, you will be killed.

If we have enough combatants left alive, especially those skilled in infiltration, we shall use the chaos of this attack for one last-ditch mission.

- Legate Glenalth, Defender of the Black Dragon


Early Bird Tournament

Starting this weekend, the gladiator's guild will be hosting early bird tournaments. Sign-ins will open at 11:30 and the tournament starts at noon. Each week will have prizes and who ever wins the most tournaments gets a grand prize.

Into The Lair

Xantcha has translated this captured message:

"Ogga angry!
Ogga want bone people from pink skins!
Get bone people from pink skins!
Ogga want doomstaff.
Get staff from cygl'ghax's eyes before pink skins."

This brings us a number of difficult problems. We cannot allow the goblins to capture the Doomstaff and it's magics, nor can we allow the goblins to capture the control circlets that we fought so hard to acquire. This is compounded by our losses early in the campaign; we cannot field the numbers to fight the goblins on multiple fronts. Instead we shall be going in force to capture the Doomstaff with control circlets and skeletons in tow.

The location of Cygl'ghax's lair is known to be a cave system between Pegasus Valley and Gryphon's Aerie. Scouts have been dispatched to find the exact location for a surprise assault on the lair before the goblins can locate it and before Cygl'ghax can dig in even deeper. Let us hope that we can retrieve the staff without directly facing the mad eye tyrant, Cygl'ghax. The losses suffered by such an encounter may be more than we can bear.

This one amazing thing can make your weapons stronger than ever!

We have made a breakthrough while researching the "Force Wall"

An old magic in Pegasus Valley's archives combined with ***REDACTED*** can be used to enhance a weapon, as long as that weapon is of high enough quality. The ritual can only be applied to freshly forged weapons; It can not have been used yet on the field of battle as even the smallest nick in the blade spoils the entire process.

Preparing this ritual is very time consuming and expensive, so we can only use it in a limited fashion. Due to the expense and chance of failure on lower quality weapons, we will be holding a competition to determine which weapons are worthy of this enhancement. One weapon on October 18th and one on October 25th will be selected for the ritual. All weapon types are eligible.

10/11 War Report

Research continues on Talifer's "Force Wall" barrier, unfortunately several key elements required by the ritual were destroyed during the previous goblin attack. It is unknown at this time if the barrier to surround the duchy can be completed.

I dispatched the legion to recover ancient magics to use in defense of the duchy. Two control circlets were captured along with some monstrous undead things. These undead will bolster our ranks against the sheer numbers of goblins that have been encroaching upon our great land.

Once we have captured more magics, we will take this fight to the fell beasts and rid the lands of their kind forever.

Long live the duchy!

Althing Minutes 10/4/14

Althing Minutes 10/4

* Peasant Rule
Peasant rule will be enforced starting next weekend (Oct 18th)
Loaner garb will be made available, with priority given to new players
New players may play level 1 without garb if there is no appropriate loaners available

* Class Testing
Class testing is required to level.
The official process for class testing will be voted on at the next Althing.

Suggested process for this month:
1. Demonstrate / explain how abilities gained that level worked to guild master.
2. Guild master corrects anything that was incorrect.

Issues brought up.
1. Guild masters may need to test to level up if they are not 6 yet.
2. Guild masters are not always available for testing.

* Look the Part
As the monarch, I will only be granting Look the Part for any people wearing full garb.
That means nothing obviously modern at a distance should be visible.
If you want it awarded specifically for class portrayal and aren't meeting my requirements, please ask your guild master instead.

* Event Announcements
Maize Maze / Las Cruces Ren Faire will be held Oct 31st - Nov 2nd.
There is no camping at the event, but there is a nearby camp ground and plenty of locals usually willing to allocate floor space. ( )
Pegasus Valley Weaponmaster and Dragonmaster are Nov 22nd, details to be announced
Pegasus Valley Midreign is Dec 13th, details to be announced

* Newsletter
Talifer is requesting articles for the newsletter.

* Other Business
** Balder mentioned that we have been having issues with some players relying too heavily on the loaner weapons and that new players sometimes do not have access.
** A motion was made to excuse officers for attending Maize Maze, which passed
** A motion was made to excuse Belthil for attending Dragonspine Crown Qualifications, which passed.
** Shadydeal brought up that you should not hit people while they are talking to a reeve. So please don't do this.
** Belthil brought up a 3 strikes policy for complaints of people or their weapons hitting too hard.
If you cannot resolve an issue with the player you are fighting, let Belthil know so he can deal with it.

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