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Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle: Adventures in the Wildlands of Amtgardia

A sourcebook focusing on the fantastical aspects of everything from prehistoric Earth to ancient Meso-America to the jungles of darkest Africa ... and beyond!

Of course, this books comes complete with tons of new monsters and archetypes suitable for play under 7th Edition Rules, plus enough pages of battlegames, relics, terrain effects and encounter areas to keep players at your park hopping for weeks at a time.

By Night They Dance

Creatures of the Night and the Games They Play

BNTD takes the game from the usual daylight and past the cloak of night. Herein you will find all manner of nocturnal beasts, twisted and corrupt Undead and the fury of Lycanthropes. You will find games for after dark and rules for conducting your games safely. There’s also optional rules for faking it, for when you have no choice but to role-play being in the dark, just add imagination.

In addition to the monsters and game ideas, we present the concept of Class Archetypes as an aid to role-players who wish to bring a particular theme to their chosen profession. And say welcome back to a couple of Golden Oldies: the Gypsy and Thief “Alternate Classes” from the Wetlands and Dragonspine, revised and updated to mesh with the new rules. Throw in a few minor relics with an ominous bent, and you’ve got some serious adventure on your hands.

Dor Un Avathar 8

Dor Un Avathar 8

The final version of the monster book has finally been released. Please download it and take a look.

edit: As of 7/2007 this is official material for Amtgard games.

About Amtgard Seven

This group was originally formed due to frustration over the way new rules were being produced. Now Amtgard Seven Expansion Group is working on several different publications including rules supplements and construction guides.

We are always looking for people with the skills to make both helpful and beautiful supplements for the game we all love. Please join on if you can help.


Techniques of Medieval Armor Reproduction by Brian Price

Originaly posted by Moonshadow.

This book has more than earned the title of the "Armourer's Bible". Each page is a visual buffet of worthwhile projects, accurate historical information, and relevant tips and tricks that pertain to our craft. If ever I need inspiration for a new project (or even a new twist on an old project), I always turn to ToMAR first.

Inside is a complete list of projects that will produce an authentic 14th century suit of armour. I've used the patterns and techniques myself and they are very helpful. It saved me a lot of time and wasted material.

The book is worth very penny. Once you have it in your hand, you'll see that it is an excellent investment for both the beginning armourer as well as the more seasoned professional. You'll not regret this purchase.


The Ring Lord

Originally posted by Moonshadow.

Order Contents:
7.5 lb Bronze 14 Guage 3/8" ID
Assorted Tools

Ordering was completely painless. The website is not as straight forward as it could be but it's enough to make ordering easy. They have a very knowledgable staff that can assist you in making the right purchases.

Central Forge Throatless Shear

Originally posted by Moonshadow.

Supplier: Harbor Freight Tools
Price: $89.99 (now $99.99)

RJ Leahy

Originally posted by Quintus Aulus

Order Placed: June 10th, 2003
Payment Rendered: June 10th, 2003
Payment Method: Visa
Order Contents:

  • 1 1lb box of 1/8" X 3/8" Brass Round Rivets
  • 1 1lb box of 1/8" X 1/2" Steel Truss Rivets
  • 1 1/2lb box of #12 copper burs

Price: $25 (roughly)
Order Recieved: June 13th, 2003

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