Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
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PV Invitational 9/15/2007

Video of the PV Invitational tournament held in September 2007.

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New site is more or less ready to go.

Thursday or Friday I'm going to start pulling all the content I have onto the new site. Once it's all done I'm shutting down the old one so please let me know if you have any problems with the new site.

Still waiting for a gallery module to be finished so that mass uploads will be possible. Once I have that, the fancy new theme will be made, but the default one will work for now. Once those are in place, the Armorers Guild is next on the list.

Harvest of Souls War XIII

Greetings to one and all!

Here is the long awaited invitation to the 13th Annual Harvest of Souls War. Come one, Come all, for a great relaxing time! Hosted by the Duchy of Pegasus Valley and co-autocratted by Lady Shayleigh and myself.

  • What: Harvest War XIII
  • Where: Lindrith, NM
  • When: August 28th through September 1st, 2008
  • How Much: $15 for the weekend, $5 for ages 6-13, out-of-state free with ID
  • Why: Viking games, Pathfinder games, A & S classes, Drunken Debauchery, THE WAR, and so much more!! Not to mention Pegasus Valley's Coronation feast.

Looking Forward

By Kate Ghanston

We have the Dragonmaster coming up in just a month. At the same time were having a tunic/tabard design contest. The best tunic and the best tabard will receive prizes. At the time of this writing I don’t know what those prizes will be, but there will be prizes.

What I want to discuss here, are class sashes. Or more specifically, loaner sashes. One of the responsibilities of our class guild masters is to have loaner equipment so people can play the class.

We don’t have any loaner sashes.

To hopefully correct that oversight, we will allow two ‘rose’ entries per entrant to qualify for Dragonmaster, as long as one is ‘fighting garb’ and the other is ‘garb accessory’.

The Speech

By Kate Ghanston

Corwyn the Burgundy, a renowned necromancer, stepped into the hall. The assemblage of men and dwarves stopped their conversations and looked up at him.

“Gentle folk,” Corwyn addressed the crowd, “you are all here because you have been selected for the privilege of constructing my home.”

A murmur of assent washed across the room.

Corwyn continued, “To continue on this assignment, and the accompanying pay differential, you must also gain my approval. To gain that approval you must sign a confidentiality agreement.”

Before any could interrupt, he pressed on, “I do not wish to impugn anyone’s honor or imply that anyone is untrustworthy but I cannot treat some individuals differently from the rest so you will all be treated the same.”


How to Make Friends with Mundanes (and Drag Them to the Park)

Written by Dru-Kara

Dear Populace,

We need more meat… I mean, people. We need to grow. And by grow, I mean in numbers and in not in girth.

So, what do we do? How do we meet new people and get them to our park? Do we say, “Ugggg, Amtgard” and then club them and drag them to the park? Some of you might be answering, “yes”, but the answer is “no.”

When you are at school, at work, or out and about, and you see an interesting human, think about starting a conversation. A simple, “Hey” or “Hello” is usually a good start.

The Continuing Saga of Alex & Alton

By Theodoxus

“So, there we were, surrounded by millions of orcs, all chanting their bloodthirsty gods names, holding up their crude weapons, covered in dried blood. Alton hugged me tighter and said…”

“Alex, Dude, that’s so not what happened, if you’re gonna tell the story of how we got here, you can’t embellish it”

“Damn it Alton, now the audience is gonna be all kinds of confused. Ok, I’ll start over.”


B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/3/17

President: Dru-Kara
Monarch/Secretary: Kate
Treasurer: Mossy
Prime Minister: Styxx
Populace: Shayleigh

Call to order: 11:46am MDT

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