Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
New as of March 2017 Rules of Play
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Site Updates

The calendar has been updated with Pegasus Valley events until March. If there's anything missing please let me know or add an event.

Added a PV Graphics category in the gallery for images of heraldry and flyers. Uploaded a few images there for use in creating belt favors and such.

Added a new page with a list of current officers and guild masters. Will fancy that up with photos soon.

Harvest War website has been transitioned into the main PV site now to make updates easier and allow autocrats to update it directly.

Added some more meat to the newbie guide.

Making Belt Favors

The next Arts & Sciences meetings will be held at my house, 9109 Las Camas NE, Albuquerque.

I would like to have everyone who knows how to cut fabric or sew or hang out and give encouragement to the seamsters and cutters to attend the Pegasus Valley Belt Favor Arts & Sciences Meeting(s). I would like to have us meet at 6:30pm - 8:30pm on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 to construct favors for all those in our lands who are bereft of them. If you'd like to make yourself one with a special flair, come do it with us! I am also willing, during that same week, to open my house to a second meeting for those who are unavailable on Wednesdays: I want everyone involved! Let me know if you'd like to join us on an alternate day and I'll schedule a second gathering.

By the way, I want to thank those who attended the last meeting on Applique. It seemed to go well, and even Trey learned how to make his own iron-on logo (A gold brick on a green field, BTW).

BANNER MAKING CONTEST: Yes, there will be one. Our Fashion Police, Master Lor, will be in charge and the likely date will be the week of Midreign (December 6). Aditional announcement to be posted soon. There will be a banner-making A&S in October or November to get you all good n ready for it.

As always, call or email me with questions. I am faster to respond to a call...

Message from the Scribe

This is your scribe speaking. Make sure you come out to the park this weekend (9/13/08) for Guildmaster (GM) Elections, Yay!

Guild master elections, for those who don't know what it is, is a gathering of the guilds. All the classes alike that have been played in the past 6 months of the GM elections, if there are 2 or more people that played in that specific class (We will more then likely go through a list of all the GM positions), they will be allowed to be in the elections. You must be dues-paid to vote (but you don't have to be dues paid to be elected, only voting you have to be dues-paid). Also, there will be an assortment of other GM's that will be elected that CAN'T be played, but have jobs.

In my opinion, I think we should start the (Extra life) for Playable-Class GM's back up again.

Also, we will be having a weapons check this Saturday, the 13th, by Tiwaz, our Champion; GM of engineers and heir apparent can help with these kind of odd-jobs.

So make sure you come out, have some fun, and get elected for a GM spot!

Lost Souls Coronation in Santa Fe

Posted from the Dragonspine List.

Due to a scheduling conflict with Queen Emer, we are moving our Coronation back by one week. Our Coronation will be held on Sunday, September 21, 2008 at approximately 5:00 p.m. It will be a short event with a delightful and FREE feast. Directions to follow.

The Coronation will fall on the weekend of Santa Fe's First Annual Renfaire. Those who would like to participate are welcomed to join us. There is no charge to any member of our group, provided that the entering member is in garb. Please RSVP to Riff Raff Darkjester. Also, participants will be allowed to camp at the site (the specifics of this will be addressed at tonight's Renfaire meeting). Alternately, Ted Iomhair and I have room in our hovel for approximately 5 more people (and more if people want to camp under the apple trees).

I would love to see you here.

In service to the Dream,

Current Regent of Lost Souls
Incoming Monarch of Lost Souls


Crown Quals Results 2008/8/9

The following people qualified to run for office.

Cassandrah, Monarch
Styxx, Champion
Tiwaz, Champion

Cassandrah is the Arts & Sciences champion for the reign.

Cultural scores are attached.
War events results are not yet available.

Camping tips for Harvest War

With Harvest of Souls War XIII quickly approaching I decided to put together a list of what is typically needed for camping at the event. This is primarily geared towards first time event goers, but it works fine as a checklist for event veterans as well.

This is just the camping related items. I'm counting on you to bring your weapons, garb, sashes, and related gear without consulting a check list.

Park Report 6-28-08

We had approximately 20 people out today in all.

Everybody showed up a little after 1:00 PM, for the most part, and we started off with some jugging, as per F'lar's suggestion on the PV list. We haven't had jugging at the park in years. Since most of the people who played never jugged before, it was fairly unbalanced, but we still had fun for the most part. We got 5 rounds of jugging off before everybody got tired of losing so badly.

We had an althing in which people voted for whether or not we were going to pay for our P.O. Box. The vote passed the althing. Additional topics of discussion included Harvest War and GM elections. There is also some hideous rumor of people being able to assault me freely with baked goods, to which I raised serious objection and confusion.

Armor Guild Story Import

Old stories will be showing up on the site starting today. They are using their original publication dates so they'll be showing up as older articles.

I'll be dropping them in one or two a day until they are all there.

If you had written an article on the old site, please sign up to the new site here so I can assign the article to your user account.

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