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Summer 2009 Election Results

Lurker - 7
No Confidence - 3

Anti-Paladin - Alucard
Assassin - Tal Nada Thorn
Healer - Marcil
Monk - Autumn
Monster - Cassandrah
Paladin - Glenalth
Scout - Marcil
Warrior - Skywalker
Wizard - Lor

There will be an Althing next week to determine who will be Regent, Guildmaster of Reeves, and the remaining class guildmasters.

Shave Lurkers head at harvest war.

So I'm not exactly sure how this came about but I'm going to assume that since it worked for Twig we were going to find other people to shave. I offered but apparently my hair is too short to raise any money, which leaves us with Judas and Lurker both men with locks that would put many girls to shame. Judas unfortunately doesn't reside in PV and has a high self-worth. Lurker on the other hand we coerced into shaving his head for a measly 100 dollars. Sooooo the idea behind this is if any group of people can collect 100.00 dollars and put it as a bounty we'll tie Lurker down and shave his head (well maybe not tie him down, we'll see how much of a fight he puts up first).

Summer 2009 Crown Qual Results

Copy Pasted from the PV list for those users who do not have access or do not regularly check the PV list.

I've compiled all the information except for gaming. There was some confusion
over it, and rather than give wrong information regarding it, I will wait until
I have some clarification over the results. That being said, here is the rest.

Progress so far

Ok, I've got the basics for the input stuff done. I suggest that people try adding a few symbols/crests (but don't go crazy adding everything just yet.)

To add something:
Quick way: Log in to the site and go here.

Normal way: Log in to the site and then click the "My Content" link under your user name.
From there you can view everything you have added to the site already.
At the top of that page there is a drop-down menu, select Heraldry and click the "Add new item" button.

Next step is to build reports for viewing these things. A basic gallery list is up and running at /heraldry.

Pie In The Face fundraiser for Harvest War

I announced this a few weeks ago at the park, but I wanted to remind everyone that we are doing a pie-in-the-face fundraiser for the next couple of months. The rules are simple:

1) Bid on people you would like to see pied at Harvest War. One penny is equal to one point on the head of your choice. For instance, if I really want to see Glenalth pied at Harvest War, I could spend five dollars to put 500 points on Glenalth.
2) The week before the event, I will total up all of what has been bid, and announce who has the most points. The top several people point-wise will be pied at Harvest War.
3) At the event, we auction off one pie per person to be pied. To follow my earlier example, if Glenalth has the most points, and I decide I really want to shove the pie in his face, I can bid my money at the event to buy that one pie. Then Glenalth, who is very honorable, will stand there and take that pie to the face. The process is similar to a formal auction; each person to be pied will be announced in reverse-order of most points, and when I call the person's name, you bid on their pie.

The Plan

OK, here's a basic plan.

Amtgard Herald's Guild, College of Heralds, or whatever it gets called.
1. Catalog all personal, group, and chapter symbols and heraldry.
1a. Some form of registration and checking to make sure crests/arms/symbols are not duplicated between people.
2. Heraldry thumbnail is added to each players ORK entry using Kingdom Herald access.
3. Complete searchable archive of every symbol. Tags for the blazon and various elements to make it easy to find arms that are similar or have the same basic theme.

1. Web server for storing heraldry. (Got this covered)
2. Script for uploading and maintaining database of images. (I've got an idea for this)
3. Fancy form that will output a certificate with registered heraldry on it.
4. Team to keep things updated. (Preferably a herald from each kingdom.)

For the Future:
1. Links from ORK heraldry image to heraldry website for close up of heraldry and blazons. (Supply Rewth with enough scotch to get this done)
2. Ninjas killing all who oppose this.

Anyone interested?

Dragonmaster Results, June 27th

1st place: Trey the Destroyer with 5.5 points overall
2nd place: Lord Marcil with 5.5 points overall
3rd place: Talifer with 5 points overall

Individual items(category/ entry name/ entrant/score (s1, s2, s3, s4, s5):
[A3]Kit / Butterfly Stepping Stone / Trey the Destroyer / 4.17 (3.5, 4, 5, 4.5, 4)
[F1]Main Dish / Delicious Chinese Dish / Lord Marcil / 3.42 (3.5, 3, 4, 3.5, 3.25)
[C2]Unique Weapon / Sword and Dagger set / Talifer / 2.17 (1.5, 2, 2, 2.5, 2.5 )

#1- Lurker
#2- F'lar
#3- Blaze
#4- Mossy Zinc
#5- Tiwaz

Comments(entrant / category):
Marcil / Main Dish: It was delicious, but cold. And also there was no silverware. Work on your presentation.
Trey / Kit: It's a wonderful rock with colored "gems" set into it. Nice work.
Talifer / Unique Weapon: The weapons are not legal(so we switched the category from C1), and they contain many flaws. You would have done better entering all the items separately.

Congratulations go to Trey the Destroyer, who is our winner. Nobody qualified in 5 categories, so there is no Dragonmaster this time. Thank you to everyone who offered to help judge.

The Pieous
Regent of Pegasus Valley

Weaponmaster Results 2009/6/6

On June 6th, 2009 Weaponmaster was held in the Duchy of Pegasus Valley.

The results are thus:
Duke Sir Glenath has won Weaponmaster

Graded on a point scale: placed in each tournament (1st place – 3 points, 2nd place -2 points, 3rd place – 1 point)

Glenath – 12 points
Tiwaz – 8 points
Lor – 8 points
Alucard – 6 points
Marcil – 6 points
Styxx – 4 points
Ted – 1 point

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