Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
New as of March 2017 Rules of Play
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Halloween Battle

Halloween Battle

Ok on October 30 I plan on having a monster battle. There will be a castle with walls, a cemetery, and a deserted mine.
These are the monsters that I need someone to play:

1 Vampire
2 Skeleton
2 Zombie
1 Werewolf
1 Lich
1 Flesh Golem

If you are interested in playing any of these monsters please tell me. Also there will be treasure for the ending of each encounter.

In Service
Baron F’lar Starfire
Monarch of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Current Officers - Fall/Winter 2010

Here are the current officers of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley

Monarch: Baron F’lar Starfire
Regent: Mistress Dru-kara
Champion: Baron White Wolf
Prime Minister: Baron Styxx Nobleheart
Guildmaster of Reeves: Defender Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson
Heir Apparent: Page Blaze Starfire
Captain of the Guard: Defender Tiwaz Gustav Ormandson
Marshal: Silk

Reign Schedule - Fall/Winter 2010

Here is the Reign Schedule for the next 6 months.
If you have any suggestions for any other events please notify me.

October 30 - Monster Battle
November 5, 6, 7 - Renfair/Maize Maze in Las Cruces
December 11 - Mid Reign / Chancellor elections / Weapon Master / Dragon Master
January 8 - BOD elections
February 5 - Crown Qualification
February 12 - Crown Elections
March 5 - Coronation

Duke's Challenge

Duke's Challenge,

I am having a Siege Weapon/Engine contest. It starts now and ends at Mid Reign (December 11).

The Siege Weapon/Engine must be Amtgard legal per Amtgard Rules of Play 7.6 page 7.

The Siege Weapon/Engine will be graded on legality (per rulebook), usability, and looks.

The prizes as of right now have not been set, but they will be good.
If you need any help, feel free to bring it to the park or ask either on the

PV Mailing List
or at

Harvest of Souls War XVI


Who: Duchy of Pegasus Valley
What: Harvest of Souls War XVI, Coronation Event
When: Friday, September 2nd through Monday, September 5th (three nights)
Where: RV Rally Site, Caballo State Park, Caballo, NM
How much?: $5 per person (paid to PV)+ NM State Park Facility Use Fee (paid at the “tollbooth”)

Theme: By sheer coincidence, this year’s Harvest War is in keeping with our Majesty Queen Annabelle’s theme of Robin Hood. Our theme this year is Disney’s Robin Hood, with animals running amok!

We will have several themed battlegames centered around the attainment of gold, either to aid or relieve the Monarchy of their vast troves of gold! There are whisperings of a possible ransom, but our spies have yet to confirm this.

There will also be an Archery competition, small team games, and a “Bring Your Best” A&S Competition. For the BYB competition, bring your ONE BEST A&S entry made within the last year for judging. First place will be rewarded for the Archery and BYB competitions.

Dominion of the Grand River

Dominion of the Grand River
(Harvest War XV)

This year's theme is an adventuring module based off of the popular card game, Dominion. Players will band into 5-person factions and attempt to collect as many land titles as possible over the course of the event through various adventures and battlegames. The faction with the most overall Victory points by the end of the event gains Dominion over the land and claims victory over the others.


Each game will contain many opportunities to collect coins and gold vouchers, which may be used to purchase powerful game items or land deeds. Each land deed is worth a certain amount of Victory points, based off of its size(i.e. a Duchy is worth more than a Shire), and larger titles will cost more coins to purchase. All coins and game items may be looted from a dead person during a game by a living player, but land titles may not be looted during games(although they may be bartered or traded).


DS Rules Proposal Submissions for Clan 2010

I've posted the Dragonspine rules proposals up for a vote at this year's Circle of Monarchs meeting at

Feel free to review it and send feedback to myself or Francis if you feel that any of them are good or bad ideas. I think this year's stuff is pretty good, and I think that we look far more professional than some of the other kingdoms in that regard.

Dragonspine Rules Representative

Website stuffs

Some things.

  • Image uploads/processing are fixed now.
  • I need officer list for updating permissions and a editing a couple
    pages on the website.
  • Reign schedule has been blank for a while now. Any logged in user
    can add entries, though knowing a little bit about HTML can help make
    them pretty.
  • Who is doing Harvest War this year so I can give them ownership of
    the HW pages?
  • Any requests for more functionality or ideas for areas that need work?

- Glenalth

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