Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
New as of March 2017 Rules of Play
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A Coup d'État

This is a lengthy post, so bear with me. Next week I will be running a series of battlegames, worked around a single story scenario. I'd like to get as many of these in as possible, so aim to show up to the park really early; let's shoot for noon if we can.

Game 1: The Vault
It's been a long and cold six months. Now, as the end of his term draws near, Duke F'lar seems to have but a feeble grip on the Duchy. Duchess-by-succession Dru-Kara, seeing his weakness, has enlisted soldiers and mercenaries, in order to overthrow the Duke and lay her claim to the land. Having assembled a caravan, they ride to the ducal vault, holding all of the Duchy's fortunes, and knock a hole in the wall, so they may claim the riches held within and fund Dru-Kara's war campaign.

(Diagram here:
The setup:

Elections 2-12-11

Just a reminder that elections are this week! F'lar is running for Duke, Alucard is running for Regent, and Lurker is running for Champion.

Spring Crown Qualifications, 02-05-11

This is just a reminder that this week we will be having our Crown Qualifications tournaments for Fighting and the Arts and Sciences. A full overview of the rules and regulations can be found in the Dragonspine corpora(

Be sure to get there early so you can sign up on-time! Tournaments can be a lot of fun, and if we finish early, we can still fit a battlegame in.

Chasm Battlegame 1-29-11

Tomorrow, we will be having a capture-the-flag battlegame at 1:30-ish, featuring a terrifying chasm. As is the standard in Amtgard, I have prepared a horrible MSPaint diagram explaining the setup(

Players who step anywhere in the chasm are killed instantly, but teams will be provided with mobile steps(represented by hula hoops) with which to traverse this awesome terrain. You may not move a hula hoop while you are standing in it, but standing inside of one prevents the chasm from killing you, and you may of course pick up and re-place hoops that have been expended(by your team or the opposing team). There will be a 20'-ish island in the center of the chasm, which is also safe to step in.

Albuquerque Comic Con Demo

Ok, the demo is going to be on Sunday January 16th at 10:00am. This could be a very important demo and really get our name out there. Remember it will cost you $15.00 to get in for the day, but you get to see the whole convention. If you would like to get in for free you have to volunteer for 4 hours.
The web site is Go to the volunteer link to sign up. Please wear your best garb and bring weapons that look good also any arts and sciences stuff you would like to display. This is for recruiting and to get our name out there. This will be an indoor demo. Also if there are any outlanders attending please feel free to attend the demo.

Allthing this Saturday January 8, 2011

Ok, everyone here is what is going to be brought up at the allthing Saturday
January 8th.
BOD election results (elections held that day)
Crown Quals (February 5th)
Coronation (March 5th)
Albuquerque Comic Con Demo (January 15th and 16th)
Also Harvest War petition and Autocrat shall be picked
Then anything from the populous

I would like people to put together a flier and business card for demos for
this Saturday. I would like as many types of fliers and business card as can be
made. We can then vote on the ones we like. We need to get a flier and business
card done.

Also I would like to know if there is someone that is good at cloth painting. We
have a banner that needs to be finished, and I need someone that is good at
painting to finish it.

Weaponmaster Results

Results are as follows:

Single Short

1. Marcil
2. Alucard
3. Lurker
4. F'lar

Double Short

1. Alucard
2. Frenchie
3. Marcil
4. Achilos

Short & Shield

1. Marcil
2. Alucard
3. Frenchie
4. Lurker


1. Marcil
2. Lurker
3. Alexander
4. Alucard

Hinged & Shield

1. Alucard
2. Marcil
3. F'lar

DS Open Weapon

1. Alucard
2. Frenchie
3. Blaze
4. Achilos

5 points per first
3 points per second
1 point per third

Alucard 21
Marcil 19
Frenchie 7
Lurker 4
Flar 1
Alexander 1

Amtgard Croquet

OK, keeping with the Alice and Wonderland theme of our kingdom, I would like everyone to make an Amtgard legal croquet mallet. It must be legal by Amtgard rules of Play 7.5. We will be having an Amtgard Croquet game next weekend. (November 27) It will be held at 2:00pm. Get ready to have some fun

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