Regular meetings for battlegames and hijinx are Saturday afternoons at Taylor Park.
New as of March 2017 Rules of Play
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I declare my intent to run for monarch of Pegasus Valley.

This reign will give players the opportunity to form adventuring parties and facilitate character and player growth as well as develop teamwork skills, and knowledge of the game though in game experiences in dungeon and role play scenarios. Players in Pegasus valley will be faced with gruelling challenges, but for those who face these tests great treasure may await.

Marquis Squire Balder Lance Stroke

Rules Update

This just in from Medryn and the rules revision crew:

"Hi Folks. My apologies for this taking so long. We are finally done with the rulebook revisions, and I am pleased to present Amtgard V8 Ides of March Edition.
We will have a change log to post shortly, but all major errata and clarifications should now be in the text of the book along with the common misconceptions guide.
Happy gaming!"


Balder Public Declaration for Office

I, Balder Lance Stroke declare my intent to take the office of Champion of the Duchy of Pegasus Valley by rite of combat. Any who oppose this declaration will be tested in their skill at arms.
-Marquis Squire Balder Lance Stroke

Rules Changes 2016

Some updates to the rules that were passed at the Circle of Monarchs meeting. Errata sheets and new rules should be available soon.

As a reminder, since it is past 30 days from the COM meeting, the following Rules changes are fully in effect:


Reign XLVII Election Results

Here are the results of our summer 2016 elections and our incoming officers.

Greetings Pegasus Valley.

The results of the crown election are as follows:
Bai Hu is our new monarch with 6 votes yes and 2 no confidence
Balder is our new regent with 7 votes yes and 1 no confidence
Xantcha is our new champion (I was corrected that champion is not an elected position but It was in the ballots so here are the numbers) 7 votes yes 1 vote no confidence
Kierra remains our heiress apparent with 8 votes yes and 0 no confidence

Thank you for voting!

- Anthros, Chancellor of Pegasus Valley

Declaration for PV regent

Hi folk, this last year as monarch has been great and I look forward to serving PV from a new position. After putting some thought into it I have decided at this time my skills are most suited for regent; so this is my declaration to run for the position of regent in the coming fall/winter reign.

- Marquis Squire Balder Lance Stroke

Northern New Mexico Amtgard

Check out the new site for Amtgard in Northern New Mexico for up to date information on what is happening in the area.

Calendar Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Calendar for TriPark Area:

13th Storm Fall Mesa DM/WM
19/20th: Santa Fe Ren Faire
20th Storm Fall Mesa Midreign
26th Chainmaille Class at PV with Styxx
27th TriPark Day Wyrm Spire

11th: Recruitment Day Wyrm Spire
23rd - 25th: Santa Fe Comic Con
24th Hat Class at PV with Alucard
25th Tripark Day at Storm Fall Mesa
31st Halloween Monster Bash at PV!

1st Storm Fall Mesa Crown Quals Cultural Events
6th-7th Maize Maze- Dragonspine Coronation
8th Storm Fall Mesa Crown Quals Fighting Event
14th PV WM/DM
15th Elections at SFM
15th: Recruitment Day Wyrm Spire
21st Bai Hu Relic Quest PV, Stick Weaving Class by Lila
28th TriPark Day Pegasus Valley
29th: Wyrm Spire Crown Quals

6th: Wyrm Spire Coronation, SFM Coronation
12th Pegasus Valley Midreign TENTATIVE
19th Kierra Relic Quest PV
27th TriPark Day Wyrm Spire

January 2016
9th Kriv's Relic Quest
31st TriPark Day at Storm Fall Mesa

6th Crown Quals PV
28th TriPark Day at Pegasus Valley

5th Pegasus Valley Coronation

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