Custom Weapons Available for Purchase

I'm opening up for custom weapon orders from the public. Send me a design of how you want a weapon to look, and I can make it for you, with as much detail as necessary. Swords are the easiest to make, but really any flat-bladed weapon(even throwing weapons) can be done using this method. Those of you who have seen my new(and unfinished) Master Sword(not the old gold one) or my Hylian Shield will know vaguely what the result looks like.

Some things that can be done(not all-inclusive; if you have an idea that is not here, let me know):
*The Hamon on a katana or other similar weapon(that wavy line that comes from the difference in hardness from the blade and back of the weapon metals)
*Runes or engravings into the blade of a sword or other weapon
*Weapons or shields that display multiple colors or some form of heraldry, such as a symbol or pattern.
*Gems, protrusions, or any sort of ornaments set into the weapon in for the sake of decoration.

I can do any colors, and any shape that is reasonable(excluding the variety that are physically impossible without breaking easily). Send me a design or a general idea(pictures or sketches work best), and I will negotiate price with you. My baseline price for swords is about 20 dollars, as these are made to look nice, but simpler designs may be less than that and extravagant ones may be more expensive. I can pretty much engineer an Amtgard sword that will look like nearly anything.

Any profits are going to go into a personal Amtgard fund; this money is used strictly for sending myself and others to events, things at the park, or miscellaneous Amtgard expenses such as materials and the like. In other words, any proceeds to this are staying within Amtgard, rather than being used to fund my rampant alcoholism or use of prostitutes.

For Questions, Comments, Concerns, or Order Information, I can be contacted at

The Pieous
Archbishop of Cheesecake

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