Repairing and Fitting a Maille Hauberk 3, sleeves

The sleeves on this hauberk were originally just a straight tube and too tight where they connected at the shoulder. They were only about 22" around or about 66 rows. Since they are long sleeves I wanted them narrow towards the wrist, otherwise they looked odd and had a clumsy, baggy end to them. Also one of them had a serious mistake in the weave. Normally the rows are suppose to move around and meet with themselves but on this sleeve the rows spiralled up the arm which left an ugly jag at the end.
To start I detached both of the sleeves and split them down the middle so that they layed in a flat sheet. On the "spiralled" sleeve I split it right where the ugly jag was so that when I put it back together I could just line them up properly to remove the spiral. I wanted the sleeve to be about 13" to 14" at the wrist which is 40 rows and 24" at the shoulder or roughly 72 rows. With the guage and diameter rings I'm using every three rows is close to an inch so to convert it I just multiply my measurement by three and that tells me how many rows I need.
Next I counted the total number of rows in my sheet and subtracted that by 40 and divided that number in half. This number, 13 if I remember correctly, I used to count over from either side and start the split. Then I attached the edges of the section that was 40 rows wide together. Doing this saved me a lot of work once I started the expansions because instead of having to piece together scrap sections I have them right there, evenly on either side to weave in as needed. Afterwards I began the expansions, doing one and then having two regular rows and then another and so on until I reached my target width. Lastly I attached the sleeve and closed off the armpit while adding a little length.

Notes on counting rows:
columns or rings in a row
))))))))))))))))) 4th row
((((((((((((((((( 3rd row
))))))))))))))))) 2nd row
((((((((((((((((( 1st row

Below is a link to a guide for the expansions that I was using if someone needs to reference how to perform them.

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Sleeve Tapering1.JPG1.21 MB
Sleeve Tapering2.JPG1.22 MB

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