Repairing and Fitting a Maille Hauberk

Several weeks ago I was given a project to repair and fit a maille hauberk. It is standard Amtgard chain being 16g, 3/8id, 4in1 butted. Unfortunately, the armor was poorly made and not intended for the person now wearing it. The main request was for me to repair large blowouts in both armpits but after examining the piece I found several other issues with it as well. It had no sizing alterations(T-tunic), had several other holes and oddities in the weave, and had a sleeve with rows that "spiraled" rather than finishing end to end. All of these needed to be corrected. The hauberk was also made for someone with a smaller build, so for it to fit right I had to add width as well.
When I first got it I took some pictures of the armpit blowouts and have attached those. In the next couple blogs I'll post more pictures and describe the repairs and alterations I made.

Armpit Blowout1.JPG341.6 KB
Armpit Blowout2.JPG348.66 KB
Armpit Blowout3.JPG474.63 KB

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