ArtRage Digital Paint

So I've been obsessed with this ArtRage software for the last 24 hours or so.

There is a free starter edition at the site. It has all the basic tools you need and does a damn good job at emulating placing paint on a surface. Full version is a whopping $25 and includes extras like importing stencils, extra modes for the painting tools, metallic paints, and dumping paint straight from the tube (you can even make your own little mixing tray and do it the old-fashioned way).

Here's what I've been up to with it in the last 24 hours anyway.

1st project...
Too ugly to post for more than a few minutes, it has been destroyed. :)

2nd project...
Basically tracing an image so I could get the hang of what colors I needed and how to do the strokes in the program. I had the color of the strokes being pulled from the original photo except where I removed trash cans, parking lot, cars, people in the background and such.

3rd project...
Started with a reference photo and did a rough sketch . Then pulled colors from the photo one at a time to match the feel of the photo if not the actual terrain.
I am bothered by that freaky deformed right arm, but every time I try to fix it I just make it worse. Drawing people/animals is not a skill I have developed and I should probably work on it.

4th project...
I'm working on some illumination for a semi-secret Harvest War related thing. I've never done this sort of thing before so being able to undo is being very helpful. The image is one of the many, many samples I did over the course of the morning. This one is just random clip-art that I used for testing colors, but the final is going to be all new work. Already have a knotted corner with lions done in Illustrator to drop in to ArtRage to use as a stencil.

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