Harvest War 2009 Bid

Event Directors
Glenalth (Chris Shattuck)
Lurker (Richard Moehn)

Site and Date
Gavilan Trading Post campground near Lindrith, NM over the Labor Day weekend (Sep 3-7). There is no cost for use of the site. Amenities on site include pavilion with fireplace, fire ring with two rows of seating, feast hall, outhouses, cooking facilities, and a whole lot of space to camp/fight. A camp shower is on the list of planned upgrades this year.

Budget Explanation
This potential budget is per person/player so it may be adjusted closer to the event when we have a better idea of attendance numbers.

Estimated 60 paying attendees as of 1/10/2009

Standard Event Fee: $10
Discount Event Fee: $5

Standard event fee is for players. The fee covers feast, coin and prop allocation, and possible prizes.

Discount event fee is for non-playing parents/guardians and non-combatant children under 14. This rate covers feast and children’s quest/game prizes.
10% of attendance is expected to be Discount Rate based on 2005/2006 attendance reports.

54 Standard @ $10 = $540
6 Discount @ $5 = $30
Estimated gate fees = $570

Budgeted costs per person
$4 per person feast
...Catered by the trading post. Main dish will likely be large birds and/or goat. No Amtgard involvement except for serving and prepping hall.
$1 per player prizes
...Prizes for games, some quest props will end up as prizes as well.
$2 per player quest/battlegame props
...Includes Pegasus Valley Coins and hay bales (if needed).
$1 per person incidentals.
...Toilet paper, wasp spray, schedule printing, event favors, etc.

Budgeted fixed costs
$20 for feed to lock up the friendly goats for the weekend. This keeps them off of people's cars and out of their coolers. The large herd will still be out to graze, but they shy away from people.

Estimated total budget
$240 for feast
$54 for prizes
$108 for quest props
$60 for incidentals
$20 for goat proofing

-$482 expenditures
+$570 gate income
=$88 margin

Costs for attendees not covered by gate fee
Tavern food: Tavern is run by the ranch. Menu will be similar to last year.
Shower: A small charge to cover propane for water heating will be required. Cost will likely be $.75-1.00.

Possible extra costs
Toilets will need to be rented if we approach 100 people. The incidentals fee will cover some of this. Additional funds will need to be budgeted in this case.

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