B.O.D. Minutes - 2006/4/8

>>>B.O.D. Meeting April 8,2006

Location: The Park
Attendance: Cindy, Chris, Jolie, Will, Jeff, Kate, & Annette.
Called to order: April 8, 2006 at 11:50 A.m.

>>>Cindy called the meeting to order at 11:50 A.m. It was mentioned that Lila & André were in Portales for their Crown Quals and that they would not be here.

>>>Cindy asked Jeff for a report. He said that he talked with Raelys and that all we have to do is become registered with the State as a Non-profit organization then they would be happy to help us. Jeff also told us that he dropped off the information to Steve.

>>>Cindy brings up that she wants to get two things accomplished this reign.
1.) Getting our tax status changed
2.) Acquiring a storage unit for the group

>>>Mossy brings up that his family has a storage unit that could be used. Cindy brings up that the reason we want to get a "community" one is so that if someone is not here, that there would be someone at the park with a key. Also that if it was in someone's yard and they did not want to be in the game anymore that how would we move it and where.

>>>Cindy then asks Mossy to please take calling and finding out about the best priced units at a decent location. How much is it a month. Chris brings up that we should also ask them how much it would be a year to rent. Cindy mentions that if we bring up being a NPO that they may give us a discount.

>>>Cindy brings up the uses for the storage unit would be to store the feast gear, extra park gear. We would also have a Lost & Found that would be brought to the park. If know one claims it be the end of a reign then the items will be donated to P.V. for new members or others to use.

>>>Cindy then brings up that now we have to think of fund raising ideas to raise money for the storage unit and for the up keep of it. Annette mentions a bake sale. As we are close to an intersection to advertise and bring traffic around. Also that being a Nonprofit organization that we would have to list what we were raising the money for. Cindy asks what we think about having the BOD having a cookout at the park once a month. People said it sounded good. We did not vote on these things yet. It was decided that we would hold off until the next meeting to work on more fundraising ideas and to get final touches on the ones we already mentioned.

>>>Annette brings up that their roommate works online and does editing work for several people. That he mentioned to her about making a commercial for the local P.V. group. That maybe we could use it to send out to schools and theaters to help get us demos.

>>>Cindy brings up that we need to vote on a deadline for the Tax Information. She thinks that the BOD meeting in June would be a good deadline. Joile mentions that Steve will be stepping down at that time and that having at least a rough draft by that time would be suffocate. Joile moves that June 10th be the deadline date for the rough draft of the Tax information. Chris Seconds the motion. It is voted on. The vote is unanimous.

>>>Annette asks if the BOD would like her to head up getting stuff together for the bake sale. No one had a problem with that. She would get stuff together and send Cindy a copy. It was also brought up by both Jolie and Annette that we should list the ingredients so as to show the buyers what is in them. So that they do not have an allergic reaction. Cindy said she would make some brownies. Jolie said she would make four dozen chocolate chip cookies. Annette thanked both of them for their offers.

>>>Cindy voted to adjourn the meeting. Annette seconds the motion. The meeting is adjourned at 12:40 P.m.

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