B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/4/14

Minutes for the BoD Meeting of 4/14/07


President: Elena Moreno "Dru-Kara" (12:11)
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan "Kate Ghanston"
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn "Mossy"
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman "Styxx Nobleheart"
Liason: Sarah Budai "Tie Dye" (12:11)
Alternate: Cindy Ploen "Shayleigh"

Convened: 11:55 am MDT

Los Lunas Chapter: No contact - Tabled

Shared Feasts: First Feast Free; Shire must contribute 20%; Sharing chapter must
be under DS and have signed contracts. Pass 4-0

Credit Transfer to Santa Fe: Shire must be set up in the ORK. A hard copy of
the records transfered will be retained.

Treasurers Report: Bank: $1277.32 (unchanged) Cashbox: $123.47. Payment made
for storage unit ($39).

Corpora Article I: Accepted as written.

Corpora Article II:

Members: Added stipulation that legal guardian must attend with underage

Voting Members: Add stipulation that dues may not be paid on the day of
elections. Add stipulation that they must have signed in at least six times in
the last six months.

Credits: Regular Meeting: Add caveat for unscheduled events.
Events: Remove sign in validation for attending at another chapter.
Maximum: Add exception for incentive credits awarded at the discretion of the
monarch and Prime Minister.

Termination: Separate last section and change to Suspension. Move suspension
ahead of termination. Remove the clause allowing discretion in exceeding the
guidelines for suspending a member. Added stipulation that an allthing must be
called for the next regular meeting to present to the populous the grounds for
suspension. The suspended member may be present to speak for himself. The
allthing may overturn the suspension with a 2/3 vote. The monarch may ask the
allthing to upgrade the suspension to permanent termination; enacted by a 2/3
vote. The suspension may be appealed to a regularly scheduled allthing, but
must be announced a week ahead of time. Suspension lenth shall be at the
discretion of the monarch but shall not exceed 6 months.

Revisions of Article II to be reviewed at next BoD meeting.

Adjourned: 12:55 pm MDT

Kate Ghanston
BoD Secretary

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