B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/5/12

Convened 1:06 pm MDT

President: Elena Moreno
Secretary/Monarch: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen
Vice President: Richard Silva (1:30pm)

Corpora Article 2: Accepted as modified, provided typo is corrected. Vote 5-0 pass.
Corpora Article 3:
Under General Information:
Added call out for when terms of office start and end.
Moved PM term of office from PM section to here.
Added cross reference to elections and crown qualifications.
Corrected typo.

Under Monarch, Regent, and Champion.
Moved first point to start of responsibilities.

Under Monarch, Regent, Champion, and Guild Master of Reeves
Moved qualifications call out to Article governing Crown Qualifications.

Under Monarch and Regent
Moved awards and honors call out to Article governing Awards and Honors.
Added cross reference under responsibilities.

Under Prime Minister
Moved election and qualifications call out to Elections section under Government.
Eliminated need for written contract for finantial responsibility; made consent given upon taking up the office.

Under Guild Master of Reeves
added stipulation that the list of members who have passed reeve or corpora test be shared with the Prime Minister.

Under Vacancied
Added note that an acting Monarch may make recomendations to the incomming pro-tem monarch for filling offices or positions and awards and honors.

Revisions for Article 3 will be reviewed at next BoD meeting; Article 4 will be presented as well.

Treasurers Report:
Suplies purchased for RGHG dagger sales and fight-a-knight.
File Box for document storage purchase.
Storage Unit Payment Made.

Signers on Bank Account:
Chris Tillman, Steve Walker, Jeff Moehn.

Call to add Robert McClenahan as signer. Vote: 5-0 pass.

Caveat: If account is limited to three signers Steve Walker to be removed.
Steve present and consenting. Vote: 5-0 pass.

Storage Unit Fund Raising:
Bake Sale to be resumed: Cindy has pledged to take ownership of project.
Monthly BBQ proposed: Vote: 5-0 pass.

Adjourned 2:03pm MDT

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary.

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