B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/6/9

BoD minutes for 6/9/07

Meeting Called to order at 12:13 pm MDT

President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Corpora Article 3: Officers

Under General Information
Removed clause allowing an Allthing to excuse absenteeism because of attendance at other Amtgard functions. Added clause to allow up to two absences a month be excused with verified

attendance at other amtgard functions.

Under Monarch and Regent
Changed wording on term limit clause to use the number two instead of three; meaning unchanged.

Under Regent
Remove limitation preventing the Regent from receiving awards and honors while in office.

Under Champion
Add responsibility: The champion shall have ultimate responsibility for safety on the field of play.
Changed weapon checks to monthly and removed reference to specific dates. Added clause to cover spot checks.

Under Prime Minister
Changed Election responsibility to chief elections officer. The Prime Minister must certify all elections. Added reference to Elections section under government. Removed call outs for

elections the Prime Minister usually does not administer.
Added clause to waivers that they be maintained in a secure fashion and brought to the park each week.
Corrected typo in on-line records call out.
Moved financial responsibility section to BoD article (final disposition tabled until BoD article discussed)
Replaced with cash box responsibility. No more than 10% of the treasury should be kept in the cash box.

Under Guild Master of Reeves
Replaced call outs to specific elections run by the GMR with reference to the Elections section under Government.

Under Vacancies
Changed requirements to required a pro-tem officer to pass a reeve and corpora test.
Changed pro-tem GMR call out to specify that they do not have to pass a corpora test.
Added stipulation: a pro-tem officer who has not passed a reeve and corpora test (if required) has six weeks to pass such tests or they will step down.

Article 4: Positions tabled do to length of discussion on article 3.

Board position of Liaison vacated: agreed to announce call for volunteers at Allthing.

Board Member Richard Silva (Vice President) absent for 3 of 4 meetings. President to discuss disposition with absent member.

Treasurer's Report:

Bank: $1046.75
Cash Box: $134.67
Feast: $87.00 (not yet received)

Feast costs: ~$92
Feast Net: -$5.

Adjourned 1:29 pm MDT

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

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