B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/7/14


President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Convened 12:15 pm mdt

Board Vacancies: No interest has been expressed to any board members; Vacancies will be announced at Allthing.

Waiver Updates for 2007: Only applies to Waivers on file dated prior to 1/1/07. A separate signature sheet be generated; signing this sheet will attest that the individuals waiver has been

reviewed and the information is still accurate. If the information on the waiver is inaccurate a new waive shall be filed.

Corpora Article 3: (Officers) Accepted as modified.

Corpora Article 4: (Positions)

Under Marshal:
Changed reference to passing a reeve test to being a member of the reeve guild; passing a reeve test is the requirement to be in the reeve guild.
Added notation that the position of may be filled by a group of people in rotation.
Removed vacancy notes.

Consolidated all types of guildmaster into one group: Guild Masters with Common call out for general responsibilities.
Added subsection for Fighting Guilds (all standard classes and monsters)
Changed requirement that fighting class guild master be dues paid to an active member of the guild.
Changed parsing on appointment of GMs of Warriors and Monsters in the absence of a guild for clarity, meaning unchanged.
Removed reference to specific awards under arts and science guilds; general call outs allow guild masters to recommend guild members for any award.

Court Herald
Removed responsibility to keep and protect group heraldry.

Guild Master of Heraldry added.
Given own heading (and not folded into guild master group) due to significant differences in appointment, term of service, and responsibilities.
Lifetime position.
Holder may step down with notice given.
Nominated by the Monarch and voted on by the allthing.
May be removed by joint agreement of monarch and prime minister and a 2/3 vote of the allthing.
Responsible for keeping and protecting group heraldry.

Added lifetime position language similar to guild master of heraldry.
Added responsibility to update webpage at least on the 1st of each month.

Article 4 (Positions) will be reviewed again at next BoD meeting

Article 5 (Government) will be reviewed for the first time.

Adjourned 1:15 pm mdt

Robert McClenahan

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