B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/8/11


President: Elena Moreno
Monarch/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Call to Order: 12:40 pm mdt

Corpora Article IV: Positions
Particular attention called to new combined Guild Master section.

Scribe: Added call out for PM to submit a dues paid list for the newsletter.
Added a notation that the newsletter should be disseminated monthly.

Concern expressed over New Guild Master of Heraldry being separate from other Guild Masters. As a "lifetime" position consensus was to keep it separate. Suggestion made to change the name of the position, idea like but lacked a acceptable alternate name.

Glenalth was previously contacted about the Troll position. He commented, "I can do monthly updates if people give me things to update with on a monthly basis."

Corpora Article IV: Positions
Accepted with minimal changes

Corpora Article V: Government
First Discussion

Under Elections:
Election Official:
* Add notation that since the Prime minister has a seat on the board he is disqualified from running board elections.
* Changed time frame for selecting the election official if the GMR is also disqualified from four weeks to two weeks; the same as the time frame to declare for office.
* Changed the language for the advice from the GMR to the newly minted election official to be only on the day the election official is determined and only if the election official asks for it.
Specific Elections:
* Expanded note under Monarch, Regent, and Heir Apparent to specify that requirements for office are in the Crown Quals Article.
* Discussed removing requirements for office of Prime Minister if listed elsewhere; they are not list anywhere else clause kept.
* Corrected Typo in Prime Minister requirements.
'3' repeated under Elections; corrected enumeration.

* Added call out that officer elections and board elections shall be done in writing and saved in chapter records. Others shall be conducted by consensus.
* Proxy votes may only be cast for written ballots.
* Changed elegibility call out and made its own bullet point: Normally only voting members may vote; certain elections may allow additional members to vote or further restrict who may vote.
Under Impeachment:
Grounds for Impeachment:
* Clarified criminal activity to apply to activities undertaken while in office and as defined under violations in the Mundane Law article.
* Changed Dereliction of duty to Malfeasance, Misfeasance, or Nonfeasance.
Under Allthing:
* Clarified frequency to once each calendar month.
* Removed clause to allow scheduled allthings to be cancelled; an all thing can be quickly adjourned if there is no business.
* Added clause that multiple allthings may occur in a single month with or without notice.
* Moved notation that votes must be announce a week before hand from Purpose
* Clarify procedure to be parlimentary procedure.
Under Changing the RoP and the Chorpora
* Added stipulation that organizers of tournaments and battlegames may make special stipulations to the rules that apply only for the durration of their event.
Amending the Corpora:
* Reprased failed amendment proceedure for clarity.
* Clarified what happens to a killed amendment.
Under Dues and Treasury Policy
* Removed dues amount; replaced with referrence to the RoP that specifies the ammount for dues.
* Removed call outs for who writes and signs checks; replaced with a stipulation that checks must have two signatures.
* added notation that the BoD determines who may sign on the account.
Elena announced that with the end of her term as Regent she will be transferring her credits to lost souls and will no longer be elegible to serve on our BoD. See will be present at the next BoD meeting to oversee the transfer.

Due to our participation in the state fair parade, the next meeting has been pushed back to 9/15/07.

Adjourned: 1:40 pm mdt

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

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