B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/9/15

Monarch: Andre Reyes
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn
Alternate: Cindy Ploen

Convened: 12:15pm mdt

Move to fill vacancies:

Andrea Heacock-Reyes as President: Pass 5-0
Kennette Weatherford as Vice-President: Pass 5-0
Chris Shattuck as Liaison: Pass 5-0

Corpora Article V: Government

Under Elections: Clarified statement regarding the invalidation of proxy votes.

Under Impeachment: Removed veto clause if monarch or prime minister is the subject. Added clause allowing other officers to override the veto.

Under Dues: Moved newsletter entitlement to Membership article with other benefits of paying dues.

Article Tabled until full corpora review.

Article VI: Crown Qualifications

Under General information and Qualification Requirements: Changed call out of entering fighting events to qualifying in fighting events.

Under Cultural Events/Categories: Changed wording on heading to put category first and event second. Added the word Category after each category (e.g. Garbing Category). Added Gaming Category; moved from gaming section. Added Demonstration event to Bardic Category.

Under Cultural Events/Entries: Removed allowance to get more than one qual from the Rose event. Removed the limitation from getting more than three quals from a single category.

Under Cultural Events/Gaming: Removed qual guidelines and replaced with scoring method to allow up to three entrants to qual.

Under Warmaster Tourney: Added section describing how to qualify in fighting events.

Adjourned: 1:41pm mdt

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

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