B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/10/13

Members Attending:

President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Vice-President: Kennett Weatherford
Monarch: Andre Reyes
Prime Minister: Chris Tillman
Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Alternate: Cindy Ploen
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn (1:15)
Liaison: Chris Shattuck (1:10)

Convene: 12:32 pm mdt

Corporate Status:
Needs to be renewed.
Robert - to determine what contractual obligations Pegasus Valley has towards having/maintaining corporate status.
Cindy - to look into what is needed to gain state/federal corporate status.
Andrea - to contact a former member who previously worked towards our corporate status.

Disposition of contracts with Dragon Spine and Burning Lands needs to be determined. Task not delegated.

Treasurers Report:
$364.54 in cash box
$724.95 in bank
$1089.49 total

PM Audit
Records will need to be audited before the next PM takes office.
Since election is after next board meeting, the audit official will be determined from the corpora and a date will be set at the next board meeting.

Corpora Discussion:

Privileges for paying dues were not listed elsewhere as previously thought. Section outlining those privileges added to government article, reviewed and approved.

Article VI: Crown Qualifications:

Under Qualification Requirements:
Added cross-reference to cultural events and warmaster sections for how to earn relevant qualifications.

Under Cultural Events:
Added descriptive verbiage to events in the bardic category.

Under Warmaster:
Completely revised qualification passage.
Added infraction call out.
Added penalty call out describing each penalty.
Added penalty upgrade procedure describing how the harsher penalties can be given.

Under Champions Tourney:
Corrected typo and number agreement error in line pertaining to one qualifying candidate.

Article VII: Awards and Honors:

General Information:
Added allowance for awards to be automatic if the award description specifies that it is.

Non-Standard Orders and Masterhood:
Changed requirements for hydra to qualifying in seven cultural events and five fighting events during crown qualifications. Added notation that hydra is normally automatic.

Rights of Station
Changed section title from "Rights of Knighthood".
Added call out for Noble accouterments and perquisites.
Noted reservation of crowns and cornets to nobles and ability to take pages and men-at-arms.
Verified that perquisites was spelled correctly (it has a different meaning from prerequisites).

Noted that only knights may take squires.
Removed limitaion on number of squires, pages, or men-at-arms a knight may have.

Removed consent of knight from requirement for a squire to take pages or men-at-arms. Removed implicit limitation to one page and one man-at-arms.

Added notation that a person may not be a Page or Man-at-Arms for someone that is not entitled to have a page or man-at-arms.

Titles of Nobility
Added Equivalents taken from the Burning Lands Corpora to relevant titles.
Removed reference to pages and men-at-arms as relevant information was added to Rights of Station section.

Order of Prestige
Moved reference to role-play to the second line from the first.

Switched order of GMR and PM.
Added Count after Duke.
Moved Heir Apparent below Lord
Combined Weaponmaster, Warmaster, and Arts and Science Champion and added Dragonmaster.
Changed all other positions to all other court positions.

Adjourned 1:35pm mdt

Robert McClenahan

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