B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/11/10


President Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Vice President Kennette Weatherford
Monarch Andre Reyes
Secretary Robert McClenahan
Prime Minister Chris Tillman
Alternate Cindy Ploen
Treasurer Jeff Moehn
Liaison Chris Shatuck

Convene 12:53 pm mst

PM Audit: Shall be conducted by the treasurer on or about midreign to be reported on at the next board meeting.

Audit shall include:
POBox Number and keys, date of last payment, and due date of next payment
sheets, waivers, and ORK password
Review bank statements and verify funds.
Review work for kingdom audit.

BoD will discuss changing of signers on bank account at next meeting.

Corporate Status:

Corporate status is not required by either contract with Amtgard Inc or Dragonspine corpora. Verbiage on Dragonspin Contract unavailable.
Contact with Elspeth suggests that we need state status before we can get federal.
Cindy will request any documents available from the state corporation commission.
Robert will visit the IRS office and attempt to get our Tax ID#
The pros and cons of the various tax status will be discussed at the next board meeting.

Corpora Project:

Reeve and Corpora certification proposal: Note anyone bassing a reeve or corpora test as reeve or corpora certified respectively. And specify how long said certifications last. Exact vebiage pending.
Test composition proposal: Call for additional stipulations about how a reeve and corpora tests are written. Exact Verbiage pending.
Tabled until corpora considered as a whole.

Article VI: Crown Quals:
Previous changes reviewed and accepted.
No New Changes.
Article Tabled.

Article VII: Awards and Honors
Previous changes reviewed and accepted.
Removed clause allowing man-at-arms garb to be a plain black belt.
Discussed moving Defender and Walker of the Middle from Titles of Nobility and adding a Titles of Service section as the ability for those titles to take pages or men-at-arms seems dubious. Concensus became that the distinction was moot, as most individuals to have either title are likely to have another title elegible to have a page or man-at-arms. No changes made.
Verified modes of address vs Dragonspine corpora; Mode of address notation added to Lord (Lady).
Minimal Changes; Article Tabled.

Article VIII: Sponsored Chapters
Tabled until next Meeting due to time constraints.

Note: Article IX: Board of Directors will be made available for discussion at the next meeting, time permitting.

Adjournment: 1:42 pm mst

Robert McClenahan
BoD Secretary

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