B.O.D. Minutes - 2007/12/15


President: Andrea Heacock-Reyes
Monarch: Andre Reyes
Vice-President: Kennette Weatherford
Prime Minister/Secretary: Robert McClenahan
Treasurer: Jeff Moehn

Convened: 12:37pm

Corporate Status Discussion: Primary Absent; Discussion Tabled.

Treasurer's Report:
Feast Costs: Food $125 + Hall $65
Feast Proceeds: $80
Feast Net: -$110

Bank Account: $659.95
Cash Box: $288.44

Discussed Additional Fundraising Efforts:
Proposed Efforts:
Additional Donors for Bake Sale Effort.
Sale of Class Sashes and Safe Weapons.

PM Audit Report: No Anomalies - Transfer of Documents Successful.

Board Elections:
Determined not to delay elections to February as has been done in the past.
Elections set for January 12th 2008.

Adjourned 12:58pm

Robert McClenahan

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