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So Glenalth said we should post blog entries about the work we're currently doing...I have a few projects I'm working on at the moment.

I'll get guides up on how to build things as I have time.

Current projects in various stages of completion:

Greaves - cuir bouilli 1/4 inch thick leather with rapid rivet 12mm domed studs.
Hand dyed, wax hardened. Left leg somewhat finished (in usable state) still needs some type of garter to keep the top piece from rotating and to keep it from digging into the top of my foot leaving bruises. Possibly reattach the foot guard part so I have padding on the bottom edge of the greave thus stopping the bruising. Also figure out a way to cover the back of the leg (Current Ideas include hardened leather "ribs" attached by an oiled leather strap that would form a type of banded or scaled armor on the back of the calf or perhaps a thin piece of leather covered in maille and buckled on one side). Unfortunately both of these options may drop the point value of the greaves.

Maille Hauberk - 6:1 maille shirt with right arm only.
Right arm and armpit closed up a bit so the gap isn't quite as large still trying to mentally work out if I want to close the armpit up totally or simply weave higher so the opening isn't large enough to be a weak spot. Back needs another 8 inches or so front needs another 15 inches or so. Also need to think of some other type of ring material so I can do accents.

Center punch shield - White plank foam or Blue Plank foam.
I've got the thick blue foam that's about 1.5" thick and some white plank foam that's roughly .5" thick, the blue is slightly used the white is brand spankin new. Blue would be easier to work quickly as it's already glued and would only require a hole being cut and another smaller circle for the Boss of the shield, could probably use a trowel instead of a stick like Skywalkers but that would lead to a shield that's more easily pushed out of the way. The white foam would require several layers and more time to make but would more easily accept some type of handle being placed inside the layers. Covering both shields will prove to be....fun.

Pouch - Leather or rabbit pelts (for holding phone, cigarettes and runes). May make a separate one for rune stones. If I use leather I could create a separate pocket for the cellphone so it doesn't get scratched by my car keys, Pelt I could simply divide in half with a piece of suade.

New swords - make several new swords so I'll have a few for clan that might actually last more than a day.
I want to make at least 2 high quality short swords and 2 high quality long swords (using the military camp foam and smurf foam tech that seems to last a while) The issue I have with this method is that it's heavier thus harder on the wrist. Also need to rebuild both long swords as they're getting pretty bad. Work on perhaps 1 flat-blade short sword for use with shield to see if an aerodynamic flatblade

Flail - For the pure cheeze factor.
purchased the pvc pipe and endcaps to make a cruddy newbie handbook version of a flail. That'll work for now since I really don't see myself using a flail very often if at all.

Dagger - Bleh I need to learn to fight with them I suppose.
Shoulda just bought 2 from lurker but I suppose I can make some with decent pummels so I can practice for weezard levels. Plus I should carry one as a backup weapon just in case I lose my sword somehow.

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Needs more pictures :) Also

Needs more pictures :)

Also if the heavier weapons are harder on the wrist you may need to work on your form.

I need some foam so I can make some flatblades. Maybe a trip to the store is in order tonight.

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I'll get some pics of my

I'll get some pics of my stuff as well as perhaps a tutorial on how to make bracers (thats the only thing I took pictures of while I was making it).

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