From the Local Ninja Council

Hello, if you are reading this message, it means that I poisoned that soda you drank a few minutes ago. Yes, the carbonated one. You knew it tasted funny, didn't you? Anyway, on to business. After recent violations of ninja code that occurred at the park itself and on our mailing list, I had decided to put our shinobi to the ultimate test: a battle to the death over a small number of meaningless objects. As usual, you guys picked up on this quickly and were soon backstabbing each other and bashing each other's heads in like expert thugs. But there were a few of you who showed the true cunning and skill of the ninja, and I had chosen to honor these people.
Your rankings in this competition were based on the number of scrolls that you collected, each adorned with various kanji and representing different elemental forces. The person with the most scrolls was the winner. The scrolls consisted of fire, water, earth, wind, lightning, and metal, and each of them were hidden in different locations. Those of you who could see the light found the lightning scrolls, and those of you who were excellent ninja and fought and/or died bravely and excitingly were given a water scroll as a divine present on your way to the afterlife. Unfortunately, nobody killed the evil wizard plaguing the land, so he kept his two elemental fire scrolls. Metal scrolls were found in combat, and the earth scrolls were hidden... on the ground.
The final standings are as follows:

  1. Our first place winner, and ninja of the year, was none other than Ming Yuelong. He has the skills of a ninja, and collected over four scrolls!
  2. Our second place winner, and ninja side-kick of the year, was none other than Kai. He has most of the skills of the shinobi, and managed to collect a few scrolls.
  3. Unfortunately, our brave ninja failed to complete the mission I had set forth for them, and did not kill the wizard who threatened our establishment! As such, third place was awarded to Tiwaz, the enemy wizard, who managed to keep his two scrolls. He even made off with one of our prized swords, and sold it on the black market!

Each of our winners was(will be) awarded a hand-made Amtgard katana, made by yours truly, with the engravings of their choice in the blade. These things are indeed pretty fancy if I do say so myself! If you happen to want a katana for yourself, I will gladly make one for you at minimal cost(probably around $10 bucks for one), to cover the cost of materials. Flat blades look nicer on the field, so we look more attractive to on-lookers and get more attention that way!
Anyway, expect more ninja-themed madness in the near future, as I fear darkness is on the rise in our land. This is of course, the cryptic foreshadowing that will influence the plot of future conflicts that I design!

-Lurker the Pieous
Impromptu Leader of the Council of Imaginary Ninja

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