B.O.D. Minutes - 2000/2/2

  • Meeting called to order.
    • Board members in attendance are: Cassandrah, Cutari, Death, Exedor, Glenalth, Theodoxus.
    • Absent: Alucard.
  • Glenalth appointed Secretary of B.O.D.
  • Cutari appointed liason.
  • Theodoxus appointed Treasurer.
  • Some gossiping.
  • Death appointed President.
    • Death calls his first order of business "Look at my cool new tatoo"
    • Everyone agrees, it is very nice.
  • Corporate Report information gathered from BOD members.
    • Glenalth to file the report.
  • New Business / BOD meetings to be held the second Wednesday of every month (except February) at Glenalth & Cassandrah's house starting at 7:00.
    • If there is no business/BOD issues to be discussed at a meeting, the venue changes to Cici's to discuss and eat pizza.
  • Theodoxus and Cassandrah discussed the financial records and the approach of tax day.
    • Quicken data to be given to Theo to help keep everything sync'd and to prepare for the next Dragonspine financial audit in 1 month.
  • Group pager/voice mail discussed.
    • Glenalth to set up for the next 3 months (or whatever trial period we can get) and see how it works.
  • Discussed possible new shire in Santa Fe.
    • Tabled until next BOD meeting.
  • B.O.D. meeting closed.

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