B.O.D. Minutes - 2003/11/8

11/8/2003 Pegasus Valley B.O.D. Meeting Minutes
Pegasus Valley
Board of Directors Meeting
November 8, 2003

Jaci Bell
Robert Gower
Jeff Moehn
Chris Tillman
Steve Walker
Ben Webb (Late!)

Jeff Solmon


Item 1: Formation of the Board of Directors for the Duchy of Pegasus Valley.

A Pro Tempore Board of Directors was proposed consisting of: Jaci Bell, President Rovert Gower, Vice-President
Chris Tillman, Treasurer
Jeff Moehn, Secretary
Steve Walker, Member in Good Standing
Ben Webb, Member in Good Standing
Jeff Solmon, Member in Good Standing

It was decided on a 5-0 vote in favor to have the Pegasus Valley members vote to confirm this board. The dues paid requirement to vote was waived for the vote. At the later Althing, the Board was confirmed unanimously.

Steve Walker is to find out what the BOD responsibilities actually are for next BOD meeting.

Item 2: Investigation into alleged misappropration of the Duchy Treasury.

It appears that some funds may have been inappropriately spent in the past. Various actions were discussed. It was decided at this point to have Ben Webb request repayment by 11/11/03.

Item 3: New waivers.

The old waivers were not as legally binding as thought. A new waiver has been produced by Steve Walker. Steve will identify who needs to sign new waivers by next Board of Directors meeting. New waivers should be signed before mid-reign.

Item 4: Guild Master of Reeves.

The current GM of Reeves has moved down south. We need to have a new GM of Reeves. Steve Walker will find a volunteer.

Item 5: Post office Box automatic payment.

It was discussed to have the payment for the Duchy P.O. Box done electronicly. The cost of the P.O. Box is $38 for 6 months. The vote was 6-0 in favor. Steve Walker will set this up.

Item 6: Storage Space.

There is a great need of a centralized storage area for Duchy good/supplies. The posibilities discussed included a storage space or a trailer. Robert Gower will research and provide information at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Item 7: Dues

Benefits of paying Dues was discussed. These benefits include membership cards, and other benefits for having a tax-exempt status. Steve Walker is pursuing the tax-exempt status. This was tabled until the next Board of Directors meeting.

Item 8: Harvest War

We need an Autocrate and Site for the next harvest war. One possibility is YMCA Camp Shaver. Steve Walker is writing a project proposal for Tim Eiserle for Camp Shaver. The Autocrat remains to be worked out. This will be discussed at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Item 9: Budgetting for Events.

This item has been tabled until the details of Harvest War are more solid.

Item 10: Fund Raising.

This item has been deferred to the next Board of Directors meeting.

item 11: Next Meeting.

The next Board of Directors meeting will be on December 6, 2003.

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