B.O.D. Minutes - 2003/12/20

12/20/2003 Pegasus Valley B.O.D. Meeting Minutes
Pegasus Valley
Board of Directors Meeting
December 20, 2003


Robert Gower
Jeff Moehn
Chris Tillman
Steve Walker
Ben Webb (Late!)

Jaci Bell
Jeff Solmon


Item 1: The minutes of the BOD meeting on 11/8/03 were read and

Item 2: Alleged misappropriation of Duchy Treasury.

Ben sent an email on the subject and the response was read. It was
felt by the BOD that the $40 for starter weapons should be pursued.
The Regent boxes also need to be retrieved. Follow-up action will be
determined at a later BOD meeting.

Item 3: New Waivers

A list of who needs to sign new waivers has been created. Steve will
print a lot of waivers. Ben will enforce signing of waivers.

Item 4: Guildmaster of Reeves.

This matter is resolved, as Chekers volunteered, was approved by the
populace, and passed the Reeves test. Note this was entirely without
undue and inappropriate actions on the part of the BOD. ;-)

Item 5: Automatic payment of P.O. Box.

There is a need to put bank affairs in order first, as far as
requiring two signatures on checks. The P.O. Box has a lower priority.

Item 6: Common Storage Space.

There was much discussion on obtaining a permanent storage space. At
A-1 Storage, Robert was quoted a price of $40/month for a 5x5 storage
room. There is some concern that P.V. would need to provide insurance
on the contents of the unit, and that a storage room might not be
cost effective. Ben will check out prices at his storage facility.
Locating a trailer is still an option. Robert will explore discounts
for non-profit and payment in advance.

Item 7: Dues and tax exemption.

There is a problem in that P.V. is set up as the wrong kind of tax- exempt organization for our purposes. We are currently defined as
a "Sports Club," but we need to have a designation of "Religious or
Educational Organization." There was some question as to whether or
not this is worth the effort. Chris and Steve will research the issue.

Assuming this can be resolved satisfactorily, discussions on member
benefits will follow.

Item 8: Rulebooks

Steve will reprint the Rulebooks in a smaller size. This will allow
printing at a lower cost.

Item 9: Harvest War

Steve has sent a letter to Tim Eiserlee, and has pictures of a
proposed site.

Item 10: Budgeting for Events.

This item is tabled until a later date.

Item 11: Fund Raising.

This item is tables until a later date.

Item 12: Next meeting.

The next meeting is (tentatively) scheduled for 1/3/04, at noon.

Item 13: Mid-Reign expenditures.

There was a motion to approve expenditures for the Church, the site
of the feast. This was approved 5-0. There was a motion to approve
expenditures for awards. This also was approved 5-0. The feast
expenditures were to be covered out of the Duke's 10% discretionary
funds. It was also approved to share proceeds with Santa Fe group
from the lunch/breakfast festivities. This was later approved during
the Althing.

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