Harvest War Meeting - 2004/5/9

Harvest War Committee Meeting - 5/9/2004

Meeting Started at 7:11PM

In Attendance:
Baronette Alexar
Lord Squire Teleil
Regent Scotia
Squire Riff Raff (secretary)
Lord Walker (presiding)
Lady Squire Kyrie
Marquis Glenalth
Mossi, his wife, and son

Walkers Notes on his white board:

1. Recompence = $40.00/person/day, $20.00/camper, $100,00/counselor

= $ negotiated value of

= 500.00 is the lowest
gto get the price un
less we do a dedicated
task, in which case in
can be free.

These were notes on the white board.

1. No permissive, but burnt cabin is discreet.
2. Fine
3. 50 Cars in parking area
4. May 24-25, May 24, June 5, June 17, Saturdays thruSummer til we com in Aug 23
5. As long as no fire restirct
6. yes
7. see #6
8. No
9. Yes, but no separate fire.

Walker explained that in the work weekend a few weeks ago we managed to knock off about 300$ off the cost of reserving the site for Harvest War.

Walker explained that the cost for the site is 1700$, and there are several ways to lower the price.

Lurker suggested a dedicated task for the lowering of the price.

Event Director/Autocrat: Lord Skywalker
Amtgard Liason: Marquis Glenalth Woodwalke
Cabin-O-Crat: OPEN
Clean-Up Party:
Vice-Autocrat: Kyrie
Bartender: Nightmare
Bouncers: OPEN
Med Director/Chiurgeons: OPEN
Cafeteria: Lord Squire Teleil
East Feast: Regent Scotia
Security: OPEN
Activity: OPEN
Entertainment: Baronette Alexar
Bardic: OPEN
Merchants: OPEN

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