Highland Games Meeting - 2004/5/9

Highland Games Committee Meeting - 5/9/2004

Meeting started at 6:00PM

In attendance are:
Baronette Alexar (presiding)
Lord Squire Teleil
Regent Scotia
Squire Riff Raff (secretary)
Lord Walker
Lady Squire Kyrie
Marquis Glenalth
Mossi, his wife, and son

We ate pizza until 6:30PM

Highland Games Meeting was brought forth first.

Baronette Alexar explained what the Highland Games were for those who weren't aware.

Baronette Alexar asked Marquis Glenalth to bring his armour, he didn't find any reason not to bring it.

Baronette Alexar asked about having targets for the archery booth.

Lord Walker produced a few plush animals.

Marquis Glenalth suggested that we bring extra nocks and glue for the bows as they will probably be lost.

Lady Squire Kyrie explained that Squire Riff Raff's parents will be loaning her and him a couple tables for the event.

Baronette Alexar explained that people should bring snacks and water as the food there is expensive, although good.

Baronette Alexar explained that fellow Amtgarders should announce at the gate that they are demo'ing with Amtgard. Otherwise there will be a 10$ fee.

Lady Squire Kyrie asked if there will be any garb loaning. Baronette Alexar would like that to occur, but doesn't know who would manage that, she asked Lady Squire Kyrie to do that, she agreed.

Baruka asked Lord Squire Teleil to make him a battle axe, Lord Squire
Teleil said that he didn't have time.

Baronette Alexar asked Lord Walker about loaner weapons, he said that he may not be able to because he was busy with other things.

Question came up regarding management of the cash box during the event. Lord Squire Teleil suggested that there is only one cash box. Baronette Alexar suggested that there be maintained a ledger/receipt for management of the money.

Baronette Alexar explained that the first year that Amtgard did this we almost made money with the archery booth, the second year we didn't charge for archery. This year she wants to do nothing but archery.

Walker asked where we would put the children's tourney. Frenchy suggested that we have the space for that separate from the fighting areas.

Baronette Alexar wants to have criers there announcing Amtgard's presence.

Baronette Alexar said that we have the OK from the Duchy to buy Ice and Shade.

Lurker asked if it would be possible to camp there to reserve the location. Baronette Alexar said that it wasn't necessary, we'll rope off the area the day before to reserve it, but camping there wouldn't be necessary. Walker said that he'd get there EARLY Saturday to ensure that nobody takes our spot.

Lurker suggested that we demo to history classes.

Baronette Alexar asked if there was anything else that needed to be brought up for Highland Games.

Baronette Alexar called a motion to end the meeting. There was no dispute.

Meeting Ended.

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