First Annual Pegasus Valley Ninja Competition


Ash came out as the clear nobody-can-beat-him winner from part one of the quest. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we couldn't do part two today.

For those of you who got zero, one, or two scrolls: fear not! You still have a chance! Inspired by today's success, I have decided to also award another sword to the 2nd place winner as determined by next week's ninja tournament(part 2 of the ninja competition). There are potentially 2 scrolls available next week if you win lots of fights, so be prepared to show off your ninja combat skills.
The tournament shall have three parts:
1) Single short sword
2) Single polearm
3) Pyrotechnics(fireballs)
All of which shall be run in single-elimination format. If you win a certain number of fights, you earn one of the last available scrolls. Since you could potentially win both scrolls and beat out anyone who has two from this week, this means that people who missed this week's game could still come in second place(people like Glenalth).

As before, the prize is a flat-blade katana, engraved with the markings of your choice along the blade. I am giving one to Ash, and another one to the second place winner, which will be delivered shiny and perfect at midreign court.

This Saturday, the 29th of November, we will be having our First Annual Pegasus Valley Ninja Competition. This is a premiere event, designed to test the skills of would-be shinobi in our land. Due to popular demand, it has been rescheduled for this weekend for optimal participation.

The Competition will be in two parts.

The first part will be a quest scenario, wherein the players will seek out and collect various elemental scrolls. There are a total of six scrolls, five of which are available in this part of the game. They will be hidden in various places, and you will have to accomplish certain things to receive them, while also trying to survive your backstabbing rivals and the small horde of monsters ready to tear you to ribbons. Players will be fighting using only a single stab-only kunai and any throwable shuriken they are provided with. The key to success here is to be sneaky, clever, and as fast as possible. And if you get the chance, you shouldn't turn down an opportunity to roleplay(*hint*).

The second part will be a single-elimination tournament, featuring three categories: Single Short Sword, Single Polearm, and Pyrotechnics(which will be fought using fireballs). Top fighters in this portion will receive the sixth and final scroll available.

Rankings for the competition will be determined by the number of scrolls each person has collected, for a maximum score of 6. You do not score additional points for duplicates of any scrolls that you have(although you are free to move the extras if you find them so that they are harder for others to get). The overall winner of this competition will receive honor, glory, and a flat-blade katana, profiled, and with engravings of the recipient's choice, to be delivered at Midreign Court.

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If this is as fun as you say

If this is as fun as you say it's going to be, I will have loads of fun with it....Problem is, I threw out my shoulder and got it fixed...Idk if my right arm will be of compete use...But oh well, I will try to bring garb for the occasion, and i will try to roleplay...I hope this turns out to be loads of fun!

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People like me?

Mihr's Best Friend

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Yes, yes they do.

I meant people who, like you, were not able to participate this last Saturday. Not necessarily that you would have, but that you didn't. You have zero scrolls from the game because you didn't play.

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